50+ Firearms, German Beer Steins, Asian Carvings & Porcelain, Furniture, Silver, China & Glass

This auction will feature firearms from a Loudoun County Estate, as well as German beer steins, glassware, china, silver serving pieces, and crystal from a North Carolina estate. Online Bidding on Select Items - Catalog Posted, With More Items To Be Added. More than 300 pictures posted of items in this auction!



Sunday, December 2nd at 11:00AM - Guns sold at Noon.

Loudoun Co. Fairgrounds

17558 Dry Mill Road

Leesburg, VA 20175

This auction will include guns from a Loudoun County collector, as well as items from a North Carolina Estate. More pictures  and details will be added leading up to the auction. Firearms will be available for online and live bidding. A FULL DETAILED LISTING FOLLOWS THESE AUCTION TERMS:

Auction Terms:
All items are sold "As-Is, Where-Is" with all defects. All sales are final. Buyer encouraged to inspect all merchandise prior to bidding because it may have faults, cracks, scratches. Payment due in full on the day of the auction; Payment by cash, check, Visa or Mastercard; Live Bidders will be have a 13% Buyer's Premium (15% for Online bidders) added to all purchases with a 3% discount for cash or check; 6% Virginia Sales Tax added to all purchases (non-auto) unless buyer presents current, valid Virginia tax exempt ID form at check-in; All items become the responsibility of the purchasers when the Auctioneer says, "Sold"; Buyers must remove all items by the day after the auction at Noon, unless special exemption is made with Auctioneer before Auction Day. All titles must be completed by the purchaser before they leave the auction site.
All firearms will be transfered by Loudoun Guns Inc., 302 Industrial Court SE Leesburg, VA 703-771-7479 and will be available on Tuesday at 1PM following the auction for pick up. All transfers will happen at Loudoun Guns, Inc. All state laws are adhered to for firearms transfer. It is the buyer's responsibility to be familiar with his or her state laws for firearms purchase, transfer and shipping requirements. FFL holders who locally pick up guns will be assessed a $25 transfer fee, for the total lot, not per gun. Non FFL Holding Virginia Private buyers will be charged $25 per gun, times as many guns they buy. Out of-State buyers need to be aware of additional shipping costs if their state law requires this. All hand guns must be shipped for out of state purchasers and some long guns will also have this requirement, per your state's law.

R. Craig Damewood, Auctioneer LLC VA LIC. #680
703-303-4760 auction information
703-401-7085 - pick-up/drop-off
540-454-2326 - online bidding

We will offer the following(Antiques, Furniture, China, Glassware, Beer Stein listing follows this gun listing):

Guns offered at Noon (Click here for see several pictures of each gun for sale)

  1. Remington mo. 788 with Bushnell Wide Angle Sportview Scope, .243 cal, Sn. A6174299, 22.5-inch Barrel, Some nicks on Stock

  2. Mo. 98 Bolt Action with Redfield 12x Scope, 22-250 cal. Sn. 7056, 25.25 Inch Barrel, Nicks in Bluing

  3. Ruger Mannlicher Stock,10-22 with 4x32 Bushnell Sportview, .22 LR, Semi-Auto, Sn. 241-42805, 37.5 Inch total Gun Length -- Like New

  4. Winchester Lever Action .22 Short, w/ 2x5 Bushnell Banner Scope,  Sn. A12995, Bull Barrel 22.5 Inches, Some Oxidation and Some Nicks on Barrel

  5. Weatherby Bolt Action Mo. 257 .257 Weatherby Mag Sn. Mag-20759, 23 Inch Barrel Some nicks on Stock

  6. Remington Mo. 700 .220 Swift Sn. C6698589, 23 Inch Barrel, Like New with Ammo

  7. Henry Repeating Arms Lever Action, .22 LR, Sn. 099694, 17.75 Inch Barrel, Like New

  8. American Arms Inc., Italy, Mo. 48AL-28, 28 Gauge, Sn. 602768, 26 Inch Barrel , Like New

  9. Rogue Rifle Company, Chipmunk, Synthetic Stock, .17 HMR, Sn. H257, 15.25 Barrel, Like New

  10. Ithaca Mo. M66 Super Single, 20 Gauge, 3inch Sn. 660831264, 26 Inch Barrel Nicks on Stock Some Oxidation

  11. Remington Model 700 Stock and 300 Ultra Barrel with Muzzle Brake, No Action

  12. North American Arms Guardian, .32 ACP Sn. AB1809 Like New with 2 Mags

  13. Colt Jr. Colt .25 cal Sn. 6599CC, Original Box Some Oxidation

  14. Bryco Jennings J38 .380 Sn. 1028250, 2 Clips with Box Like New

  15. Beretta 21(A) Bobcat .22 LR, Sn. DAA077304, Matte Finish 1 Clip

  16. Fabrique Nationale 9MM Sn. 70736 1 Clip, Belgium

  17. Deberasaluze Areitio Aurtena. Allies Pistol, 7.65mm, Sn. 7853 1 Clip

  18. Bryco Jennings J22, .22 LR Sn. 311043, 1 Clip with Box Like New

  19. Davis .22 Mag, Sn. 570128, Satin/Wood Grips Double Barrel, New In Box

  20. Astra Cub .22 Short, Sn. 164662, 1 clip with Box

  21. Colt The Woodsman, .22 LR Sn. 150999, 1 Clip

  22. Colt Challenger, .22 LR Sn. 33517-C, 1 Clip

  23. Iver Johnson Mo. TP22 .22 LR Sn. AE32130, 2 Clips

  24. Thompson Contender .17HMR/222 Sn. 14669, 10 in. Octagon Barrell, Mountain Lion Engraving

  25. Thompson Contender Barrell,  .256WinMag, 10 in. Octagon Barrell ONLY with Bushnell Phantom Scope & Box Ammo

  26. Thompson Contender .357Mag 10 in. Octagon Barrell ONLY

  27. Thompson Contender .22LR 10 in. Octagon Barrell ONLY

  28. Thompson Contender 5mm, 10 in. Octagon Barrell ONLY with 2 Boxes Ammo

  29. Dan Wesson .357Mag Revolver Sn. 115707, 8 Inch & 4 Inch Barrells

  30. JP Sauer & Sohn Revolver, Hawes Firearms Western Marshall .357 Mag, Sn. 9314/3, Cracked Pearl Grip

  31. Welby Scott .38 Revolver, Top Break, No Serial Number or Model, Makers Marks, Lots of Rust

  32. American Arms Inc, Italy, Sa Cal .44Mag Sn. 97864

  33. XCam Derringer .38 or .38 Special Sn. L60452

  34. Fratelli Tanfoglio Titan 2 .380ACP Sn. EB22007, 2 Clips

  35. Harrington and Richardson Handi Rifle .300 AAC Blackout Single shot w/ Barska 1-4 tactical scope Sn. OBA 426239

  36. Stoeger Coach Gun 12 gauge, Double Barrel Shotgun Sn. 630468-10

  37. M4 style AR-15 Rifle, PSA upper, Anderson lower,  Sn.14083522, 5.56 NATO Cal., Stainless Steel barrel, Removable carry handle, Magpul pistol grip and collapsible stock. 

  38. Custom AR-15 long range rifle, Sn. MT820168, 20” target bull barrel, Mag tactical lower, Caliber 5.56 NATO, flat top ready for your optics, Magpul grip - collapsible stock

  39. Mag Tactical AR-15 Sn. MTS11451, Custom Piston Operated Upper w/ 20” heavy barrel, Magpul collapsible stock, flat top optics ready

  40. Custom AR-15 Tactical Pistol,  Sn. MT820210, 5.56 NATO, Mag Tactical Systems Lower, Magpul grip, phase 5 Buffer

  41. Ruger MK-III “Hunter” target pistol Sn 271-87669 .22 LR, Stainless steel fluted barrell, Ruger leather holster, 2 magazines

Tall Howard Miller Glass Case Clock

Johnson Brothers
Set of 16 Blue/White Salad/Dessert Plates
6 small saucers, 12 medium bowls
Set of 4 Dinner Plates – Blue/White – Historical Ports of England (Ships)
Small Miscellaneous Oriental Dishes – Japan
Blue and White  -  Blue Willow Pattern – England 
1 Platter
6 Royal Wesex Dinner Plates
Set of 4 Blue Willow Dinner plates by  Ridgway Pottery – English ironstone – Made in England
1 Globe Pottery Lunch plate and 2 Globe Pottery small dessert
2 Staffordshire dessert plates
3 Staffordshire saucers
2 Staffordshire bowls/saucers
1 Teacup +  1 tea or coffee cup
1 Creamer
1 Teapot
4 Brass Candlesticks
Blue Canton Tea Leaf Jar
Oriental orange porcelain pitcher
1 Burgess Chintz – Creamer -Burgess & Leigh England
1 Blue Hand painted Creamer
1 English Pewter creamer – Numbered
Crystal and Silver Serving Dish 
Lladro Figurine of Sailor Man Playing Accordian – Numbered
Set of 10 Dinner Plates – Royal Ivory - John Maddock & Sons England
Misc – 2 Blue and White Bowls – Japan
Set of 3 – Blue Kyoto Porcelain Bowls
Set of 2 Dinner Plates – France Depose – For JE Caldwell “Patented”
2 Vintage Matching Green & White Porcelain Mixing Bowls -Made in Portugal
1 Porcelain Grapevine Gold Rimmed Pitcher – A Kach
1 Blue and White Covered Serving Dish -Nippon -10733
1 Blue and White Porcelain Pitcher – Ragland Castle 1792
1 Masons Brown and White Pitcher- Patent -Ironstone  -Vista -England
1 Small Blue and White Ginger Jar
1 Vintage Royal Doulton Display Plate – Historic Henry VIII at Hampton Court
   Made in England -Series D  ($49 - $89 Retail)
1 Lenox Limited Edition Dinner Plate (Display) -Baehm Birds -Goldfinch ($49-59 Retail on line)
2 -  U.S. Naval Academy Display plates- Wedgewood 
       “Post -Graduate School”
      “ Dress Parade”
1 Covered Tea leaf Strainer Mug – World Market
1 Crystal Bell
1 Covered Crystal Dish
1 crystal standing bowl
1 crystal bowl
1 heavy crystal vase
1 crystal dessert dish
2 small vases
1 crystal perfume decanter with spray
Large set of various sizes painted fox glassware/barware
1 Royal Vienna Monk Display Plate
Pewter set
 Tall Misc Beer Glasses
3 Tall beer Mugs
Monk Pitcher  and Mugs – Stamped – Sterling/ China
1 Porcelain Egg cup
1 Egg Coddler & Lid -porcelain – Royal Worchester
Ceramic Kitchen Storage Set (Sugar, Flour, Coffee, Rice, Vinegar, All Spice, Pepper)
White Ceramic Mixing bowl – Medium -Grapevines
Set of Glass Bowls -  11  - Small
4 Green small ramekins – World Market
“Cussin jar” – Tampleweed Pottery
2 small “London” dishes -  Made Italy
Small white ceramic creamer
Set of 3 Auberge Storage Jars – (Bicycles)
8 Oriental coasters
Scottish Stoneware Golf Mug
Glass Storage Jar with hinged lid
Small storage jar with blue lid
Screw top glass storage jar
Very small glass storage jar with lid.
Glass pasta container
3 small glass pitcher and small glass vase
2 large bronze tea kettles
New Williams and Sonoma Potatoe Ricer – in package
4 - Framed Imperial China Display plates
8 - Limited Edition Display plates – The Russischen Marchen – Heinrich Germany
Lladro Figurine  -  Spanish  Flamenco Dancers – Approx $1000 value
1 Large Crystal Vase
1 large Round Ceramic Wall Art  -   - Della  Robbia - Madonna and Child –
Large Crystal Bowl
6  -  Dinner Plates – Williams and Sonoma – “Je Demande du Boeuf”
1 Crystal Ice Bucket  - Large with lid
1 Crystal Dish
1 Crystal Ice Bucket
 Crystal glass ware -  Set of 5
Tall Crystal Stem Vase
Set of 4 Oriental Figurines  - Stamped on bottom
Pair of Oriental Figurines = No stamp
Blue and White Buddha
Blue and White Oriental Porcelain figurine
 Lladro Soccer boy figurine
Box 9  = continued
Tall Oriental Figurine Woman  - Lladro?
Sitting Oriental Figurine Woman -  Lladro
Lladro Oriental Old Man Figurine – Sitting
Blue and White Porcelain Reclining Woman – Stamped
Fox hunting vase/pitcher  - England
3   German Tankards -Extra Large – (One Stamped with Lid ) – Original Mold 1894
5  Large Glass Beer Mugs
5  Medium Glass Beer Mugs
4  .5L Marked Beer Glasses
6  Golf Mixed Drink Glasses
3  Drink Glasses – Scotland -Labeled
5 Misc Pint Beer Glasses
9 Handblown Glass Flowers
Vintage Brown & White Creamer -Furnivals Quail- England
Blue and White Peacock small covered bowl
4 Ceramic beer mugs + 3 Ceramic beer mugs
Steins with Lids -  
   3 Glass + 3 Ceramic
4 Matching Pewter Glass Bottom Beer Mugs – Stamped
  (London Crown & Rose Case Pewter)
2 Pewter Mugs  -Barton Bangalore Mark -English Pewter 2960
Newport RI Ceramic Beer Pitcher
Blue & White Munchen 1972- cup/glass (matching saucer in Plastic Crate A)
Leather Golf drink coasters – Set
Large Ceramic Rooster
3 Crystal Decanters 
Crystal salt and Pepper / silver oil & vinegar set
Angostura/Wintergreen glass decanters
Set of 6 Silver Thai caviar /mixing spoons
Gaskell & Chandlers Pewter Mug and Mini Pewter mug
Gold trim crystal with pour
Small Oriental vase and oriental covered bowl
Set of 2 large and 4 small oriental bowls
Set of 6 Dinner plates – Brown /White – Fairwinds (Original copper engraving depicting Historical scenes  -England
Set of Salem Heirloom Blue and White – 
     7 Dinner plates, 2 Lunch plates, 4 dessert plates
Set of 6 small silver Nikko spoons
Set of 6 Long silver stir spoons
Set of 6 Long silver stir spoons.
1 Hand Painted Nippon Oriental teapot
Set of 2 Large Blue /white Oriental Bowls – Made China
 With 8 Medium Bowls
  And 3 small bowls
Heinrich Round Gold and White long floral platter
Cream and Sugar set – White Porcelain Floral Gold
Blue& White small platter and 4 dinner plates (Historical Ports of England)
1 Brown & White dinner plate -Villeroye Boch -Burgenland – Made in France
Small blue and white platter – Churchill -Made in England
Royal Wessex Blue&White Platter – England
One hand blown glass flower in Box
2 Medium Blue /White Ginger Jars with Lids
1 large porcelain garden container with birds
Large blue/White Japanese Platter
Large blue/White Vase
Medium Porcelain Ginger Jar with Lid – Horses
1 Blue/White Ginger Jar with lid
1 Blue canton small creamer
1 small crystal creamer
1 glass bud vase grouping
Set of 12  Estello vintage  (50s-60s French original table décor -cutlery holder  - Porcelain –
   (Retail value approx.  $100.00)
Large White Ceramic porcelain sink/basin and white pitcher
Tall slim white ceramic pitcher
Medium slim white ceramic pitcher
Ironstone China white pitcher
Adams & Sons small Ironstone white pitcher
Small Delfts Porcelain covered container box
4 Long clay pipes
6 small cut wine glasses
9 small cut wine glasses
6 cut wine glasses
2 cut wine glasses- not matching
6 small wine glasses
5 Brandy sniffer glasses
8 clear glass goblets
5 blue tint desert dishes
Ceramic Bread Box – 222 Fifth -PTS International- Porters Village
Edwardian Childhood by Spode covered small bowl
Covered small bowl / ramekin – Sadler/London
Oriental dishware – 2 covered bowls and round dish plate
Tall crystal Vase
2 crystal decanters
1 crystal decanter wit silver stopper
Crystal pitcher
2 small crystal pitchers
 1 small crystal decanter
1 small crystal vase
Box H –
Large Oriental blue/white short wide vase container
Blue/white porcelain flower pot
SPODE  Dishes
Blue Room Collection – 2 Dinner plates
1 - Continental Views
2 – Seasons
3 – Warwick Vase
4 – Warwick Vase Cake Plate
5 – Girl at Well
6 – Bowl  -Edwardian Childhood 
Set of 3 Dinner plates – Blue/White – Rhine England (EB&JEL)
Misc Blue/White Oriental Saucer
Misc Blue/White Oriental Small Ginger Jar
Small ashtray
Antique Wall Hanging – 3 small blue/White plates
Oriental multicolored bird porcelain container/pot/vase
Ceramic short /wide container with handles (ships) made in China
Foxhunt Vase – Staffordshire  -England
3 Misc Blue /White Matching dinner plates (EIT -England)
Misc – William Adams  dinner plate (numbered) with matching strainer and bowl and small Chinese bird bowl
Covered blue /white sugar bowl (oriental flowers)
3 – Large low bowls – rimmed -  Blue/White – Tsing WoodsWare – Wood & Sons 
   England (numbered)
Green and White Teapot  - made in Austria and saucer
Creamer- Vintage 1880s  – John Maddock&Sons  -  Gray Royal Vitreous Premier  -
Blue /White Ramekin
1 Pink Porcelain Bell
6 Low bowls – Blue & White -Woods Ware -Canton -Wood & Son – England 
And 5 matching plates
2   Blue /White Plates  “Gypsy”
Blue and white porcelain teapot (ships)
12 Pieces   – “Portia” by Crown Ducal – Floral with Gold trim
  (7 Dinner plates, 1 salad plate, 4 saucers)
1 Oriental Blue/White low round vase
 “Paris” Dish group – 1 Large dinner plate, 2 salad plates, 2 large square bowls and 4 small square bowls
Blue/White Oriental ramekin
Stoneware teapot
Small collection  (valued approx. $300 online) – “Chelsea Bird -Green” Bone China by Myott -Staffordshire
    2 dinner plates, 2 square lunch plates, 8 saucers, 1 teacup
Vintage Noritake teapot and creamer – green with gold leaf color  - “M” marked
    Made in Japan
Water pitcher – “Waldorf” Hanley – J&G Meakin – England
Silver Martini Shaker
3 Green ramekins – Fitz & Floyd – Vista Bella
Lochs of Scotland  Oval Serving Platter – Royal Warwick
Box L- Continued –
Small china collection – Mount Vernon by Wedgewood
2 dinner plates
5 small dinner plates
2 lunch plates
2 soup bowls
2 tea  cups
1 saucer

Blue and white footed ramekin
Crystal candle holder for 6 
Large white basin – Johnson Brothers Royal Ironstone and ceramic pitcher
White porcelain creamer
Porcelain birdhouse décor
Small green/white porcelain creamer
Wedgewood olive green and cream ceramic bowl /compote– (High value )
      English Jasperware  -stamped
Single Tall Brass Candlestick
Pair of brass candlesticks
Footed shell decorative bowl
Clear tall glass beverage pitcher
Mini creamer – Hungary
Porcelain Bird Jar – Gold rim -Patrician Art – Alkham Valley
6 Liberty Blue saucers – Historic Colonial Scenes (Old North Church -England)
9  Liberty Blue Tea cups -Staffordshire – Paul Revere - England
Large Blue /White Porcelain Planter
Large White Porcelain Pitcher
Box O continued -
Purple lead crystal Vase – butterflies
Tall Crystal  Glass/Vase ?
Medium Orange /Green beverage pitcher – Germany
2 “Vienna” salad plates – Made in Italy
Small floral ceramic creamer – Leaf mark
Blue/White Floral Vase – Thailand
Japanese covered bowl – Aizu
Antique bronze or brass horse toy on wheels – (high value – approx. $100)
Ivory ceramic porcelain large creamer
Christmas decorative fox – sitting – Christmas Couture
Yellow and white Pot/Planter – Medium (Vista Alegre – Portugal for Mottahedeh)
Large purple glass vase
2 round crystal votive candle holders
4.5 Small Ming Dynasty fish bowl – (New England Pottery – Made in China)
Large Ceramic Hand painted wall Planter – Blue and White -  Made in Mexico for Tierra fina
Deep serving dish – Blue and white – Portugal – Marked
Large creamer – Villeroy & Boch -  Luxemburg
Small crystal jar
Ivory covered serving dish – Crown Ducal Florentine
Hand blown glass pitcher – Gold
Blue and white heavy porcelain serving bowl -Square- made in China -marked
Low wide serving bowl – teal blue glass
Pair of brass candle sticks
1 piece of a set – 1 mini ceramic gravy boat for individual use- Dansk Flora – Baby bird
Large serving dish with handles– Dansk Bistro – Gold trim
Display Plate – “Jerusalem” Handpainted depicting Old City Domes and Mosques
Small horse head made of stone
Miscellaneous assorted beer glasses 
Blue /White Ginger Jar teapot with handle -porcelain -China Hue -marked
Blue /White porcelain pair of birds 
Pink stone 3 votive candle holder
Crystal cologne bottle
1 large hand blown glass candle holder /cover
Pair crystal decanters
Covered tea mug with strainer
6 Whiskey glasses
2 Wood stands/trays with holes – garden planter?  
Tony Carter collectible Tea Pot – Golf theme w/certificate
White Souffle Dish – Oval porcelain
Painted wood Duck – Brass feet
Heavy Crystal Base/Stand - 
Crystal and silver cake plate
Masons Watteau England- Cup and saucer
5  Blue and White Wedgewood Teacups - “Countryside” -  and One saucer
4 White  Crown Stoneware Chargers
Covered Blue and White Vegetable Dish
Single Decorative Crystal Round Bowl
Pair Glass Beverage Pitchers with Lids
One Crystal spoon rest
Small Misc Top/Lid for Oriental matching mini bowl
Decorative Garden hanging item
Mini porcelain tea tray – Schumann Arzberg Germany
Floral Ceramic accent covered small bowl (sugar?)


Dozens of German Beer Steins, Ceramic and Glass

German Glass Beer Mugs

Civil War Sword


Practice Model Airplace Gun

Black Bear Rug and Animal Furs

Pewter Mugs

Duck Decoys

Framed Prints and Paintings

Equestrian Framed Art

Glassware and Crystal Glasses, Stemware

European China and Porcelain

Large Amouts of Blue and White China

Ginger Jars

Asian Porcelain and China

Bedroom Furniture, Dining Room Furniture, Antique Furniture.

Nesting Tables

Childrens Furniture, Doll Furniture

Silver, Sterling, Silverplate Serving Pieces