VIRTUAL AUCTION: Men's Watches, Lionel Trains, Dolls, Artist Teddy Bears, Tools and Equipment

VIRTUAL AUCTION: Men’s Watches, Lionel Trains, Dolls, Artist Teddy Bears, Tools and Equipment

This auction will feature Men's Watches, Lionel Trains, Dolls, Artist Teddy Bears and more from several local sellers!

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Men's Watches, Lionel Trains, Dolls, Artist Teddy Bears

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Virtual Bidding Auction on Wednesday, July 6th at 4:00PM - No In-Person Bidding.

Preview on Tuesday, July 5th from 3:00-5:30PM at Loudoun Co. Fairgrounds, 17558 Dry Mill Road, Leesburg, VA 20175

Pick-up on Friday, July 8th from 9AM-5:30PM at Loudoun Co. Fairgrounds, 17558 Dry Mill Road, Leesburg, VA 20175

This auction will be a live-cry auction, but all the bidding will take place entirely on the Damewood Auctioneers bidding app as a webcast auction. You can bid live simultaneously with the auctioneer, or leave a Max Bid and the system will bid for you against other bidders up to that amount. Call us at 540.454.2326 by 6:00PM the day before the auction if you need help participating in this virtual auction.

4 Michael Kors Mens Stainless Wrist Watch, Black Face
Needs new battery
5 Klaus-Kobec Two Tone Stainless Wrist Watch
Needs battery, Japan movement
6 Seiko Chronograph Quartz Sports 100 Wrist Watch
Needs battery, white face, 2 tone, stainless back
7 Stauer Mens Wrist Watch w/ Leather Band
8 Movado Wrist Watch
Black face, Stainless back
9 Seiko Quartz Chronograph Watch, Gold Tone
Base metal Stainless back, water resistant 
10 Movado Black Face Watch
Stainless back, needs battery
11 Seiko SQ50 White Face Wrist Watch
Needs battery, water resistant, stainless back
12 Seiko Quartz White Face Wrist Watch
Needs battery, base metal stainless back. Clasp is not hooking.
13 Seiko Kinetic SQ100 Wrist Watch
White face, kinetic wheel doesn't appear to be functioning properly, water resistant, stainless back 
14 Seiko Quartz Silver Tone Face Wrist Watch
water resistant, stainless back, needs battery
15 Seiko Quartz White Face Wrist Watch
Water resistant, stainless back, needs battery
16 Seiko Quartz White Face Wrist Watch
Needs battery, stainless back, water resistant
17 Mens Gold Tone Watch, marked "Longines" Automatic stamped 14K Gold L&K
No band, metal has been untested for purity, not currently keeping time
18 Stauer Dual Time Alarm Chrono Digital Wrist Watch
Stainless back, Japan movement, water resistant 
19 Gold Tone and Gun Metal Wrist Watch
Rubber band, needs battery, stainless back
20 Seiko Quartz Black Face Watch
Stainless back, water resistant 
21 Mens Gold Tone Wrist Watch, marked "Rolex"
Gold plated, stainless back, water resistant 
22 Gruen Quartz Black Face Gold Tone Wrist Watch
Stainless back, water resistant 
23 Grouping of Mens Wrist Watches
Band is broken on one, no band, and worn face
24 Wenger S.A.K Design White Face Wrist Watch
Stainless back, water resistant
25 Waltham Automatic Gold Tone Wrist Watch
Stainless back
26 Mens Wrist Watch, Gun Metal case, Black Face
Japan movement, stainless back  
27 American Historic Society Pocket Watches, Peace dollar, Walking Liberty half, Kennedy 1964 half
Three times the price. 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar, 1943 Walking Liberty Half dollar, and 1922 Peace silver dollar
28 Elgin pocket watch, works, initials R.H.? engraved
Elgin Nat'l Watch Co USA, Seven Jewels. Case is marked J. Boss 14k - 25 year guarantee. It is keeping time. This watch case is showing wear and tarnish, so make your own determination as to metal puri
29 Pocket Watches, two times the price
Regis Quartz watch, and Franklin Mint National Maritime Historical Society.
30 Pocket Watch, Jean Pierre, 17 Jewels, Shock Protected
Face says Swiss Made
31 Pocket Watch, Calibri, gold toned, Quartz
marked Swiss Made. With knife.
32 Pocket Watches, Silver toned, Calibri, with initials
Two times the price.
32A Black Wooden Jewelry/Watch Case
Has 1 drawer and clear glass top
32H Side by Side, Kids battery powered car
it starts, runs and drives. charging cable included. It is charging, but not holding a charge for very long.
33 Glass Top Table, 3 Chairs
All for one money. Glass is not connected to the table, table measures 29" x 42" wide. Wooden chairs 36in tall by 17in wide, 17in deep.  
34 4 Wooden Chairs (4 Times the Money)
4 times the money. 3 brown, 1 painted black. Chairs measures 42in tall x 18in wide x 16in deep.
35 Wooden Bookcase, 2 Shelves
Bookcase measures 37in tall x 31in wide x 14in deep. Does have some scratches. 
36 Wooden Rocking Chair
Has had the finish stripped, chair  37in tall x 24in wide x 18in deep. 
37 White Metal Headboard
Headboard measures 34in tall x 77in long. 
38 Screen Door and Old House Window
Screen door measures 81in tall x 32in wide.  Window measures 24in tall x 21in wide.
39 2 Beer Kegs (2 Times the Money)
Beer Kegs measures 23in tall, 2 times the money
40 Old Wooden Step Ladder
Measures 44in tall, is a little shaky
41 Metal Glass Shelved End Table
Does have tempered glass. Measures 22in tall x 20in wide x 24in deep
42 3 Glass Mirrors
All for one money. Two mirrors measure by 42in x 44in wide. One mirror measures 48in x 36in. 
43 Children's Wooden Rocking Chair
26in tall x 13in wide x 11.5in deep. In good condition 
44 Wooden Plank Bottom Chair, Hit-A-Way Softball Game and Wooden Carrier
Chair measures 30in tall x 14in wide x 13in deep. Wooden carrier measures 14in tall x 19in long x 14in wide. 
45 4 Claw-Foot Bathtub Feet
All for one money. Does have rust, 7in tall.
46 Wooden Base Table Lamp
Lamp measures 24in tall, lamp is in good condition  
47 Large Amber Glass Vase
Measures 22in tall x 13in wide 
48 Glass Pickle Jar With Handle
No lid. Jar measures 14in tall 
49 Metal Desk Lamp
Lamp measures 27in tall, in good condition. Can adjust the lamp. 
50 Metal Fire Place Tools and Wicker Magazine Rack.
Tools measures 30in tall, rack measures 18in tall x 18in wide x 9in deep.
51 Oval Metal Mirror And A Glass Serving Tray
Glass in mirror is cracked. Mirror measures 27in wide, Glass serving tray with handles measures 29in x 18in. 
52 6 Pane Glass Window and Antler Picture on Canvas
6 pane window measures 37in x 28in. Antler picture on canvas measures 24in x 20in
53 (2) Allen + Roth Fire Pots (2 Times the Money)
Hand-glazed, Redstone ceramic finish. One in new in box. Measures 7.5in tall. 
54 Wooden Trunk With Handles
Trunk measures 13in tall x 30in long x 17in deep
55 Old Round White Light Fixture and Small Electric Metal Lamp
12in tall
56 (2) White Ceramic Pedestals and Grapefruit Door Mat
Pedestals measure 20in tall x 12in wide 
57 Oak Telephone with Crank
Phone measures 12in tall x 9in wide. Appears to be in good condition and complete 
58 Madame Alexander Doll, (3) Little Dolls, Ceramic Figures, and Heavy Glass Bowl
Dolls measure 8in tall. Figures made in Ukraine, measures 12in tall. 
59 Statue of Liberty Barbie and Happy Birthday Barbie (2 Times the Money)
2 times the money. Dolls measures 15in tall
60 Collectable Porcelain Doll "Courtney"
Metal Stand included, in case. 12in tall
61 (3) Porcelain Faced Dolls (3 Times the Money)
3 times the money. Largest doll measures 21in tall. 
62 (2) Franklin Heirloom Dolls (2 Times the Money)
2 times the money. Measures 22in tall, appears to be new in box
63 (3) Collectible Dolls (3 Times the Money)
3 times the money. One is Heritage Mint Collection, one is Bradly's, one is from the Doll  Collectors Guild. Tallest measures 15in. 
64 (2) Porcelain Faced Dolls (2 Times the Money)
2 times the money. Tallest measures 19in. 
65 The Littlest Bears and Purple Clown Doll
Doll measures 12.5in tall. 
66 Box Of (2) Fans, Baby Dolls and Stands
Tallest doll measures 11in
67 (2) Plastic Artificial Plants
Tallest plant is 7in
68 Carved Bird Statue
Might be soapstone/jade, Does have damage to one on the leaves. 13in tall
69 Boehm Dogwood
Measures 8in long 
70 Boehm Blue Bird
Measures 8in tall 
71 (4) Lenox Vases (4 Times the Money)
4 times the money. 3 measure 8.5in tall, 1 measures 6.5in tall
72 MerryThought Binky Bunny and Steiff Bunny (2 Times the Money)
2 times the money. Binky Bunny is 9in tall.
73 Box of Small Collectable Bears
10 in the box, all for one money 
74 Martha's Bears Bear and Sitting Bear
All for one money. Martha's Bear measures 14in tall.
75 Patches 1999 Bear
Handmade by Lenore Demeni. Measures 6in tall
76 (2) Clown Bears and Girl Bear
Tallest measures 14in, all for one money
77 David Scarpate Bear with Watering Can and Hermann Matryoshka Bear (2 Times the Money)
2 times the money, tallest bear measures 13in
78 Raggedy Ann Bear, Heidi Bear, (2) Brown Bears, and Minikin Bear
All for one money 
79 Wandabears Rag-A-Muffin Bear, Raggedy Ann and Andy Bears
Wandabears measures 14in tall, all for one money 
80 Martha's Bears Bear, Wandabears Rags Bear, and Barefoot Bear (3 Times the Money)
3 times the money, Martha's bears bear measures 20in tall
81 (3) Once Upon A Time Bears
All for one money, tallest measures 11in
82 (2) Thedia Bears Annie and Andrew (2 Times the Money)
2 times the money. Bears measure 14in tall 
83 CountryLife Robin Riva Bear, (2) Heidi Bears, and Other Misc. Bears
All for one money
84 Child with Bluebells
Original reproductions of M.J Hummel. Measures 22in by 20.5in 
85 (3) Flower Needlepoints (3 Times the Money)
3 times the money. Largest measures 29in by 20in
86 TimberRidge Bear by Jeanie Craig and a Blue Bear
TimberRidge Bear measures 15in tall. All for one money 
87 (5) Misc Collectable Bears
One is A Minikin Bear and one is a D.C.A.D Collectors Club Bear. Bears measure 4in tall. All for one money
88 Donna Griffin Bear and Barbara Ann Bear, We're Bears Bear, and Blue Bear
Tallest measures 13in, all for one money
89 (5) Misc Collectable Bears
One is marked An 'Oscar Bear. Tallest bear measures 4in, all for one money
90 Brown Bear, Purple Bear, (2) Poodles
All for one money. Poodle measures 18in tall.
91 TimberRidge Bear, A Bear from Bear, and a Small Brown Bear.
Small brown bear is marked Worlds Miniature, tallest bear measure 15in. All for one money.
92 Otter Folks Bear and a Brown Bear
Tallest bear measures 11in  
93 Box of miniature Bears
15 bears in the box, one is marked Steiff. All for one money
94 Sugar Bears & Company Bear, (2) Rose Bear Cottage Bears
All for one money. Tallest bear measures 12.5in
95 Ayers Bears and a Sue Bears
All for one money, tallest measures 15in
96 Nino's "Tenderness" Bears and a Busser Bear (2 Times the Money)
Two times the money, tallest bear measures 20in 
97 Patty's Bear's 'n' Hares Blooming Bunny, Pink Fairy Bear, and a Brown Bear
All for one money, tallest measures at 12in 
98 Box of Misc. Bears and Accessories
All for one money
99 (4) Misc Collectible Bears
One is marked Otter Folks Originals, another one is marked Finhold sallery. Another is marked Bearly Victorian. Tallest measures at 10.5in. All for one money
100 (3) Misc Collectible Bears
All for one money. One is made by Nita Schwenn, another is made by Pat Harmon, other bear is unmarked. Tallest meaures at 10.5in 
101 Vera Bradley Beach Bag with Beach Towel
Appears to be new
102 (2) Decorative Glass Paper Weights
Tallest measures at 3in.
103 (3) Dresser Boxes
One is marked Made in Russia. Biggest is 1.5in tall, 3.5 wide.
104 Glass Pandas, Eggs, Glass Birds, and Stands
All for one money
105 Lenox Glass Bowl and Leaf Dish
 Leaf dish measures 6in. 
106 (2) Framed Bird Needlepoints (2 Times the Money)
2 times the money. 13.5" x 11.5"
107 Bonsai Plant
11in tall
108 Enduring Bond - Wolves
2139/2500, see picture for signature. 12in tall. 
109 Jesus on the Cross, and Lenox George Washington Vase from Presidential Garden Vase Collection
George Washington Vase from Presidential Garden Vase Collection. Vase measures 10in tall. 
110 Kran's Beauty Bear and a Jazz Bear (2 Times the Money)
2 times the money. Jazz Bear created by Virginia Jasmer. Tallest bear measures 16in. 
111 Tender Teddies Teddy Bear
Made Cathy Knapp, bear's name is "Bosley". 16in tall. 
112 Sugar & Spice Real Fur Bear
By Cheryl Matson, 17in tall
113 SueBears "Snuffy"
Made by Sue Weiland. 13in tall
114 MerryThought Bear
Made in England, 16in tall
115 (2) Global Design Bears Amish "Sarah" and "Samuel" (2 Times the Money)
2 times the money. Bears measure 16in. 
116 (2) Collectible Bears
One is marked Bearsy Andy, measures 7.5in
117 Otter Folks Originals, Andy and Ann
Measures 10.5
118 Raggdey Ann and Andy, Small Bears
Made from mohair, 6in tall
119 Bunnies by the Bay Bear, and Brown Bear (2 Times the Money)
2 times the money, 13in tall
120 Small Bear, Grapes in Wooden Bowl, Chef Bear
Tallest bear measures 12in
121 Basket of Bears
122 (2) Cups and Saucers
One set is marked Royal Albert, another is Limoges. All for one money
123 Little Christmas Scene by Design and Misc. Bears
All for one money
124 Royal Doulton Nanny
125 Brown Bear and Russia Nesting Doll
Nesting Doll has no dolls inside. measures 11in tall
126 Teddy Rosevelt Bear and a Deb Canham Pink Bear
Measures 15in tall
127 BradStreet Bear
Made by Dean Bradstreet. Measures 11in
128 Free Spirt Bear, Jazz Bear, and a Panda Bear (3 Times the Money)
3 times the money, tallest is 12in
129 "Bearied Treasures" Bear, Canterbury Bear, and White Bear (3 Times the Money)
3 times the money Tallest is 13in
130 Horse Tri-Cycle, 2 Boxes of Misc Bears
All for one money. Some bears by Heidi and Lisa Asturp. 
131 Brother Avery Figure by the Greenwich Workshop, 2 Goebel Figures
Tallest is 6in
132 (3) Goebel Figures
Tallest is 4in
133 Royal Doulton Bedtime Story Figure
134 Greenwhich Workshop Goldilocks Set
52/1950, all for one money. Tallest is 7.5in
135 Boy and Girl Figure
Made in Denmark, 7in tall
136 Goose And Goslings Figure
Made by Lladro, 5in wide
137 (3) Little School Boys
Marked M.J Hummel, 7.5in tall
138 Royal Doulton Autumn Breezes
139 Gold Finch Bird, Yellow Rhododendron, and Red Poinsettia.
Flowers are damaged, all for one money. All made by Boehm
140 Little Goebel Figure Sitting Pretty
4.5in tall
141 (3) Hummel Little Girl Figurines
Tallest is 4in
142 Little Hummel Girl with the Bird
4in tall
143 (3) Hummel Figurines Pretzel Boy, Skier, and Flower Girl
All for one money
144 Hummel Bowl, Little Boy and a Bird
6.5in wide
145 (3) Hummels, Garden Treasures, Pretzel Girl, Sweeper
All for one money
146 Goebel Girl Figure, and (2) Hummel Pieces Natures Gift and Be Mine
All for one money
147 Misc. Bears
All for one money, some are Heidi bears and some are itty bityy bears
148 Martha's Bears "Sunny", (2) Panda Bears
All for one money, tallest measures 11in
149 Lionel Train Controller and a Box of McDonalds and The Lord of the Rings Glasses
Train Controller is 35in long, all for one money
150 Lionel Ice Depot Set No.352
In original box 
151 Two Pairs of Lionel Non-Derailing Remote Control "027" Switches
All for one money, in the original box 
152 CP Rail Boxcar and a N & W Railcar
All for one money 
153 Lionel No. 397 Coal Loader
Unknown if complete 
154 Baby Ruth Rail Car, Pennsylvania Rail Car, and Two Plastic Trucks
All for one money
155 Lionel Bucyrus Erie Railroad Crane
12in long
156 (2) H.O Train-Cars
One is marked Spirit of '76, other is marked C.N. They are in the original box but boxes are in rough condition. 
157 Misc. Train Houses, Water Tank, Fencing, Trees, and Signs
All for one money, needs to be put together. Unknown if complete. 
158 PlasticVille Buildings
Post Office, Diner, Police Department, and a Super Market. 
159 Wooden Train Buildings
Church, Three Little Houses, and other. All for one money 
160 PlasticVille Fire Dept. and Platform
Platform measures 7.5 in long. All for one money
161 (6) Paper Houses
All for one money, Largest measures 6.5in wide
162 Box of Metal Cars, Trains, and Trucks
All for one money, some are marked Dinky Toys and Tootsie Toys.
163 Box of Plastic Cars and Trucks
All for one money
164 Box of Train Platforms, Barn for Train Layout, and Church
Unknown if complete, all for one money. 
165 Box of Misc. Cigarette Lighters
Some are marked Schick, Florentien, and Ronson. All for one money
166 (3) Boxes of Train Tracks (3 Times the Money)
3 times the money, O-Gauge Tracks.
167 Lionel Pullmen Car, Lionel Cold Tender, Lionel Observation Car (3 Times the Money)
3 time the money, in the original box but are in bad shape. Pullmen car measures 8in long.
168 Lionel O-Gauge Locomotive
262 Lionel Lines, measures 10in long.
169 Jefferson Universal Toy Transformer
In the original box, box is damaged. 
170 2032 Twin Diesel Locomotives
Measures 10.5in, has the original box. 
171 Box with Train Signals, Street Lights, and (2) Remote Controlled Track Sets
All for one money
172 Lionel Rotating Beacon, Louis Marks & Company Rotating Beacon
Louis Marks & Company Beacon is missing, do have boxes but are in bad shape. All for one money.
173 (4) Train Tunnels (4 Times the Money)
2 Metal, 2 Paper Mache. Largest measures 9in tall by 13.5 long. 4 time the money.
174 (2) Boxes of Plasticville Houses
All for one money
175 Lionel Operating Milk Car
Measures 11in long, has box but is in bad condition.
176 Lionel Traveling Aquarium Car, Operating Box Car (2 Times the Money)
2 times the money, have boxes but are in bad condition
177 (4) Lionel Train Cars (4 Times the Money)
One hopper car, one cattle car, one caboose, and one tank car.  Have boxes but are showing their age. 
178 Lionel Multi Control Transformer
No. 1033, 90 Watts. Have box, box is damaged.
179 Misc. Track Switches, Lionel No. 1021 90 Degree Crossover
All for one money
180 Lionel Trains K.W Transformer
In the original box
181 Lionel No. 317 Trestle Bridge.
Measures at 24in long, in the original box, box is in good condition.
182 Box of O-Gauge Train Tracks
All for one money
183 Box H.O Bachmann Easy Track Train Set
Unknown if complete, does have engine. 
184 Lionel Engine, Lionel Crossing Gate, O-Gauge Remote Control Track Set, and Box of Plugs & Wires
Engine marked 736, has the original box. Gate marked 252. Track set in the original box. All for one money
185 (4) Lionel O-Gauge Train Cars (4 Times the Money)
Caboose, Dumping Ore Car, Tank Car, and a Gondola Car.
186 (3) Lionel O-Gauge Train Cars (3 Times the Money)
Refrigerator Car, Operating Cattle Car, and a Tender Car. 
187 Lionel "Trainmaster" Transformer
Type ZW, 115 Volts, 60 Cycles, 275 Watts. Has the original box.
188 Lionel Operating Cattle Car
No. 3656, has the original box. 
189 Lionel Remote Control Switches
In the original box.
190 Wrought Iron Patio Set
Table, 2 chairs. Table measures 29in tall, 28.5in wide. Chairs measure 33.5in tall, 16in wide.
191 (2)White Metal Patio Side Tables (2 Times the Money)
Table measures 20in tall, 22in wide. 2 times the money
192 (4) Wooden TV Trays with Stand
Trays measures 29in tall. All for one money
193 6 Gallon Ridgid Wet & Dry Vac
2HP , 6 Gallon. Does work.
194 Set of Eastwood Collectable Winross Diecast Trucks, (1) Winross Carolina Double Trailers
(2 TIMES THE MONEY), 1:64 Scale
195 (4) Pack of Sprint Bandits, Dale Earnhardt 7x Champion Tractor Trailer
New in box, all for one money
196 1991 Eastwood Christmas Delivery Truck, Eastwood Automobile Truck
1/64 Scale. New in box. All for one money
197 Eastwood 51 Ford Stake Truck, 1952 GMC Wrecker (2 Times the Money)
1/34 Scale, Trucks are new in box. 2 times the money.
198 Ertl White GMC Truck, Ertl Construction Trailer
1/64 Scale, in the original box. All for one money.
199 Snap-On Truck, Overnight Truck (2 Times the Money)
1/64 Scale, both are new in box. 2 times the money
200 Dale Earnhardt Framed Posters and Wooden Clock
Poster measures 20in by 16in. Clock measures 16in by 19in. All for one money
201 NASCAR Books and Hats, Redskin Hats
All for one money
202 Mac Dumptruck, Volvo Truck
1/50 Scale, new in box. All for one money
203 GoodWrench Tractor Trailer, GoodWrench Team Convoy, GoodWrench Transporter, Dale Earnhardt Pin
All for one money
204 Goodwrench Mini Snap-On Toolbox and Mini Goodwrench Bank
Toolbox measures 5.5in tall, 8.5 wide, 5in deep. Bank measures 5in, 6in, 3in. 
205 (3) Hess Gasoline Tractor Trailers (3 Times the Money)
3 times the money. Measure 4in tall, 16in long. 
206 (4) 1:64 Scale Die-Cast Cab Transporter Trailers (4 Times the Money)
Trop Arctic, Kodak Gold, Sunoco, Goodwrench. 4 times the money.
207 (3) 1:18 Scale American Muscle Racing Cars (3 Times the Money)
Kodak Car, Interstate Batteries Car, Budweiser Car. 3 times the money.
208 Misc. Koozy Holders, Hot Wheels Racing Cars, Mini Maglite, Dale Earnhardt Maglite
All for one money
209 Goodwrench Facial Tissues, Dale Earnhardt Mini Winner Circle Cars, Craftsman Super Trucks Series
All for one money
210 Dale Earnhardt Statue, Snap-on Cars, Goodwrench Car, and Franklin Mint Car.
Franklin Mint Car is in good condition. All for one money
211 Air Condition Gauges and Sony Dream Machine Radio
Gauges are marked R-134. All for one money.
212 Federal Mogul Limited Edition Stock Car Set, 1987 Dale Earnhardt Winners Circle
1/64 Scale. All for one money
213 Redneck Beer Bottle, Dale Earnhardt Lunch Box, NASCAR Matches
All for one money
214 Misc. Tools, Sockets, Breaker Bar, Hack Saws
All for one money.
215 (3) 1:24 Scale Die-Cast StockCar Replica
Sunny's Auto Supply Car, Motor Craft Car, Citgo Car. All for one money. 
216 (3) 1:24 Scale Die-Cast StockCar Replica (3 Times the Money)
#33 Car Harry Gant, Mellow Yellow Car, #25 Car. 3 times the money,
217 (3) 1:24 Scale Die-Cast StockCar Replicas (3 Times the Money)
#11 Car, Maxwell House Car, Melling Automotive Car. 3 times the money
218 Country Time Lemonade #51 Car, (2) 1:24 Die-Cast Racing Car, 1:24 Stock Car
Pennzoil Car, Western Auto Car, Melling Car. All for one money
219 (3) Revell Die-Cast 1:24 Scale Race Car (3 Times the Money)
Quaker State, Purolator, and Sunoco. 3 times the money.
220 Nylint GMC 18 Wheeler Dale Earnhardt
Measures 22in long
221 Nylint GMC 18 Wheeler Mr. Goodwrench
Measures 22in long
222 Limited Edition Brickyard 400 Buddy L Tractor Trailer
22in long
223 Nylint GMC 18 Wheeler Mr. Goodwrench
22in long
224 Nylint Napa Tractor Trailer
26in long
225 (10) Sundrop Drinks Dale Earnhardt, (1) Mountain Drew Southern 500
All for one money
226 Nascar 50th Anniversary Collectors Edition
Ned Jarrett, measures 10in long
227 (2) Six Packs of Redskins Coke and (1) Pack of Christmas Coke
All for one money
228 (4) 1:24 Scale Die-Cast Racing Cars (4 Times the Money)
(2) 50th anniversary collection, (1) is a Thunderbat, (1) is a McDonalds car, (1) Dale Earnhardt Jr. Bud Racing Cars. 4 times the money
229 (4) 1:24 Stock Cars (4 Times the Money)
Dale Earnhardt, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Darrell Waltrip, Hooters Car. 4 times the money, all cars are new in box. 
230 Dale Earnhardt Plaques, Dale Earnhardt Collators Cards, Dale Earnhardt License Plates
All for one money
231 (4) Six Pack of Pepsi Petty Longneck
All for one money
232 (4) Six Pack of Pepsi Petty Longneck, 1:18 Scale Iron Chopper, Richard Petty Coffee Can
All for one money
233 NASCAR Barbie, (2) 1:64 Race Car Transporters
Countrytime Racing Truck, Firecracker Racing Truck. All for one money.
234 (2) Die-cast Metal Coin Banks, 1993 Limited Edition Car Hauler
Banks are Amoco, all for one money.
235 Ertl Truck Stamp Bank, 1930 Transport Southern States Tractor Trailer
All for one money
236 (2) Ertl Metal Banks
Anheuser Busch and Southern States. All for one money.
237 Amoco Locking Coin Bank
Amoco is 1929 Ford. 
238 Die-Cast 1957 International R-190 Fire Truck
Die-Cast is 1-34 Scale (New in box).
239 Limted Edition Eastwood 1926 Seagrave Pumper
Has box
240 Dale Earnhardt Calendar, Daytona 500 Books
All for one money
241 1:24 Napa Race Truck, 1:24 Die-Cast Bank, 1:24 True Value Car, Pontiac Racing Transport
All for one money
242 (3) 1:24 Scale Die-Cast StockCar Replicas (3 Times the Money)
#29 Kevin Harvick, #3 Goodwrench plus, #3 Bass Pro Shops. 3 Times the money, all new in box.
243 1:25 Goodwrench Suburban Bank, Brickyard 400 Official Truck, (2) Dale Earnhardt Bears and a Candle
All for one money
244 Dale Earnhardt Christmas Ornaments, 1-64 Scale Stock Car, Hardhat
Car is goodwrench. All for one money
245 NASCAR Cereal Boxes, (1) Redskins Cereal Box, Dale Earnhardt Tin
All for one money
246 (2) Truck Limited Edition Commemorative Set Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt
1:25 Scale.
247 Ertl 1820 Truck Bank, Eastwood 1931 Ford Panel Truck (2 Times the Money)
They are 1:24 Scale and new in the box. 2 times the money
248 Ertl 1955 Chevrolet Pick-up, 1930 Diamond T Tanker Truck (2 Times the Money)
Diamond T Truck's box shows wear. 1:25 scale. 2 times the money
249 Ertl Car Bank with Richard Petty, Dean Moon Panel Van, 1939 Hawkeye Wrecker Bank, 1950 Panel Truck
(4 TIMES THE MONEY), 1:34 scale. 
250 Ertl Mr. Gasket Tractor Trailer, 1926 Seagrave, 1950 Chevy Panel bank, Eastwood 1931 Wrecker
(4 times the money), new in box
251 Chevrolet 1923 Postal Truck, 1926 Seagrave, 1932 Ford Panel Delivery Truck, Texco 1925 Truck
(4 times the money), new in box
252 Ertl 1931 Truck Bank, Ertl 1923 Truck Bank, Ertl Petersons First Delivery Truck, Eastwood 1948
(4 times the money), they are new in the box
253 Ertl 1937 Tractor and Tanker, 1931 Hawkeye Tanker, 1991 Sportside Pickup, 1926 Seagrave
(4 times the money), trucks are new in box
254 Franklin Mint Tractor Trailer, Isky Coin Bank, Ertl 1926 Seagrave Fire Truck
All for one money
255 Dale Earnhardt Plates, NASCAR DVDS, US Mail Coin Truck, #43 Franklin Mint Petty Car
All for one money
256 (3) Dale Earnhardt Mini Racing Helmets,
In case. Cases measure 4.5in tall. All for one money
257 Race Car Sports Cards, Ash Tray, Budweiser Coasters, Racing Posters, 6 Pack of Cokes.
All for one money
258 Wooden Plaques with Stock Cars, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Metal Poster
Bobby Allison, Sterling Marlin, Bill Elliott, Harry Gant. Poster measures 12.5in by All for one money
259 Interstate Batteries Racing Metal Sign
26in by 46in
260 Ertl Police Control Bank, Country Pride Tractor Trailer
All for one money
261 Eastwood Mack Truck Model B-61
New in box
262 Ace Hardware Mack Care with Trailer, Caterpiller Cab with Trailer
1-64 Scale, both are new in box
263 (4) Winross Trucks and Trailers (4 Times the Money)
Overnight Trucking, Service Star, Roadway, Linden. 1-64 scale. Trucks are new in box. 4 times the money.
264 Henkel Harris Black Walnut Drop Leaf Gate Leg Table
Solid American Black Walnut. Made by Henkel/Harris. Table measures 30in tall, 44in wide, with both leaves extended table measures 72in long. Does have some ware
265 Henkel Harris Genuine Mahogany End Table
Measures 27in tall, 30in wide, 18in long. Appears to be in good condition.
266 Henkel Harris Single Bed Headboard with Metal Bed Frame
Headboard measure 41in tall, 41in wide. 
267 (2) Henkel Harris Oval End Tables with Drawer
Table Stand 25in by 24in by 27in. Appear to be in good condition.
268 Henkel Harris King Sized Poster Bed with Canopy Frame
From floor to canopy top bed measures 69.5in tall. 81in wide. Comes with two new box springs
269 Henkel Harris Long Dresser with Mirror
Ten drawers, floor to top of mirror measures 69in tall. 65.5in wide, 20.5in deep.
270 Henkel Harris Mahogany Chest
Two drawers over six. Measures 55.5in tall, 36.5in wide, 21in deep.
271 Ornate Gold Trim Coffee Table
Measures 19in tall, 41.5in wide, 41.5 deep
272 Drop Leaf Table
Measures 29in tall, 3ft wide with leaves extended table measure 49in. Does have some wear
273 Large Glasstop Metal Base Table
Measures 24in tall, 56in wide, 38in wide
274 Pine Drop Leaf Gate Leg Table
Measures 29in tall, 48in, with leaves fully extended 62in
275 Claw Foot Game Table
Measures 28in tall, 40.5 wide, 40.5 long. has damage to staining and discoloration 
276 Small Table
Table is NOT Complete Measures 29.5 tall, 40in wide, 20in. Top does have damage. We believe it is only part of a table 
277 Animal Trap, Spool of Green Nylon Rope
All for one money
278 (2) Pepsi Truck Banks (2 Times the Money)
2 times the money. 3.5in by 5.5in
279 Pepsi Cola Truck and Chevrolet Step Side Pick Up Truck
All for one money
280 Craftsmen 1937 Collector's Bank, Circuit City Racing Transporter Truck
All for one money
281 (3) Superior Collectibles (3 Times the Money)
1965 Mustang, 1940 Ford Woody Wagon, 1955 Ford Thunderbird. Three times the money
282 2001 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
1:18 scale, new in box
283 283 Ford Pepsi Pick Up, Chevrolet 310 Pick Up
All for one money
284 Box of Racing Champions
1:64 scale stock cars, NASCAR cars, matchbox cars, appear to be new in the box
285 Redskins Totem Poll, Redskins Hog (2 Times the Money)
2 time the money, totem poll measures 15in tall
286 Washington Redskins Glass Super Bowl Bank, Redskins Talking Smashers Football
Bank measures 5.5in by 3in tall. 
287 Glass Barometers
Tallest stands at 14in. 
288 Minolta Maximum 300 SI Camera with Zooming Lens
Comes with camera bag
289 Canon Digital Rebel Camera , Kodak Easy Share Camera
Comes with camera bag
290 Sonic AMFM Radio Cassette Radio
Was playing when picked up also lit up. 
291 Metal Fire Department Insurance Medallion
measures 13in tall
292 (3) Breyer Horses and (1) Breyer Foal (4 Times the Money)
Tallest measures 10in. 4 times the money
293 (3) Breyer Horses (3 Times the Money)
1 with saddle, tallest horse measure 7.5in. 3 times the money
294 (2) Breyer Horses, (1) Breyer Foal and (1) Schleich Horse (4 Times the Money)
Tallest Horse measures 7in, 4 times the money
295 Horse Riding Academy with Schleich Animals, (2) Self Painted Horses
Unsure if complete. All for one money
296 Breyer Dapples & Dots, Breyer Mystery Foal Surprise (2 Times the Money)
New in box. 2 times the money
297 Shaving Mirror on Stand
Mirror is missing one screw. Stands at 24.5in by 24.5in wide.
298 5 Gallon Glass Water Jug
Measures 20in tall
299 Inva Care Walker with Brakes
Model Number 65100
300 Patio Table and (4) Chairs with Cushions
Table measures 28in tall, 46in wide, 46in long. Chairs measures 38in tall, 25in wide, 17in long. Table, Chairs, and cushions have never been used.
301 (2) Starter Pistols
Do work
302 Large Lot of Misc Sized Combination Wrenches
Metric and Standard, All for one money
303 Fruit Platter, Staffordshire Coasters, Cup and Saucer, Misc Glass Plates
All for one money
304 Misc Cups and Saucers, Glass and Metal Bowls, Ash Trays, Cream Pitchers
Genuine Porcelain, M&Z Austria, Lenox, Grays Pottery, 
305 (2) Gold Rimmed Leaf and Grape Plates, Limoges Plate, Boncath Pottery Plate, Grey & White China
All for one money
306 Misc Decorative Floral Vases, Pitchers, Glass Candle Holders, Red 40th Anniversary Glass Plate
Tallest Vase - 10"
307 (2) Beswick England Dog Figurines
6"T, All for one money
308 Lead Crystal Panther Figurine
309 Arte Murano Decorative Glass Candle Holder
310 Decorative Pitchers, Glass Vases, Floral Decorative Vases
Misc Sizes, largest - 10", All for one money
311 (2) Brass Candle Sticks, Trinket Box, Milgrove China Plate and Cups and Saucers
All for one money, Candle Stick - 9.5"
312 Misc Floral Tea Pots, Aynesly Fruit Plate, Pitcher, Etc
All for one money
313 Wooden Floral Paper Towel Holder and Wooden Decorative Fruit in Basket
All for one money
314 Metal Carrying Basket and (2) Metal Cornucopias
All for one money, Basket - 12"
315 Wall Hanging Shelf, Pewter Tea Set w/ Tray
Shelf - 16"L All for one money
316 (2) Lenox Candle Holders and Chip Plate
Plate - 10"
317 Carved Wooden Elephant, Candle Holders and Carved Otter
All for one money
318 Cast Candle Bookshelf Bookends
319 Metal Basket, and Misc Napkin Rings
All for one money
320 Silver Plate Trays and Covered Dish
Largest - 13"
321 Misc Coin Silver and Silver Plate Flatware
All for one money
322 Vintage Hellick Coffee Tin
323 Noritake China Dish Set
Unsure if complete, comes with carriers
324 Misc Sized Picture Frames
All for one money
325 M.J Hummel Annual Plate 1979 and Goebel Collectors Club Nun Figure
Both for one money
326 Decorative Brass Europa Serving Tray
327 Vintage Coffee Grinder
Appears to be in good condition 
328 Texas Instruments Printer Display Calculator, Cake Plate, Midland Emergency Weather Alert Radio
All for one money, Plate 13"
329 Misc Placemats, Linens, Book Ends, Wooden Trays
All for one money, Trays - 12"
330 Glass Vases, Stone Picture Frames, Stone Base Lamp, Divided Serving Tray
Lamp - 16", All for one money
331 Misc Glass Trinkets, Vases, Flower Decorations, Glass Egg Plate
Egg Plate - 11.5"
332 Decorative Oval Mirror, Wall Hanging Display Shelf
Shelf 13" x 14"
333 (3) Framed Dried Flowers
12" x 11"
334 Cushioned Oval Mirror, and Needle Point Framed Art
21" x 17"
335 Large Lot of Silver Plate Goblets, Gravy Boat, Butter Dish, Serving Tray, Bowls
All for one money
336 Large Lot of Misc Vases, Glass, Clay, and Ceramic
Largest - 11"
337 Copper Tray, Blue and White Plate, Silver Plate Candle Holder, Wooden Tray and Cups
All for one money
338 Placemats, Silver Plate Serving Utensils, and Knives
All for one money
339 (2) Aztec Calendars, Wood and Sun Stone
Largest - 18"
340 Wall Hanging Shelf, Seth Thomas Clock and Wooden Simple Clock
All for one money, Wall Hanging - 12"T x 10"
341 Wall Hanging Wooden Storage Box
19" x 14"
341a Sterling Spoon, Coaster, and Saucer
342 (3) Small Prints, House in the Forest, Pond, and Flowers
All for one money, 12" x 9.5"
343 (2) Coastline Prints
20.5" x 17.5"
344 Glass Divided Pickle Dish, Etched Glass Serving Trays
Trays - 14"
345 Misc Glass Dishes, Bread Bowls, Candle Holders, Etc
All for one money
346 Misc Bells, Strasburg, Gorham, Chelson, Brass Bell
All for one money, Misc sizes
347 Precious Moments Figures, Hummel Figures, Ceramic Piggy Bank
All for one money
348 Prima Galileo Thermometer, Lenox Picture Frame, Battery Backup Surge Protector
Black & Decker Sander, All for one money
349 (6) 15" Adjustable Wrenches
All for one money
350 (6) 15"' Adjustable Wrenches
All for one money
351 Misc Colorful Metal Organizer Racks
Unsure of size
352 Craftsman Metal Tool Box
Folds out with trays inside
353 6500 lb Wheel Ramps and Heavy Rope
Unsure of length
354 Metal Toolbox with Adjustable Wrenches, C Clamps, and Pipe Wrench
all for one money
355 Plastic Toolbox with Wrenches, Hammer, Handsaw, Screwdrivers
all for one money
356 Large Lot of Screws, Tac Nails, Drywall Nails, Hercules Tape, Hooks Etc
all for one money
357 Allied Drive Socket Wrench Set, Misc Allen Wrenches, Plastic Toolbox w/ Screwdrivers and Misc Tools
all for one money
358 Ames Square Point Shovel
like new
359 Louisville 16 foot Step Ladder
highest standing level 13‘4“, 375 pounds load capacity, appears to be in like new condition
360 Universal Contractors Aluminum Tripod
comes in box appears to be in good condition
361 (2) Drain Spades
both for one money
362 Digging Iron, and Mattock
both in good condition, both for one money
363 Werner Fiberglass Extending Ladder
highest standing level 13 feet
364 Werner Electro Master Non-conductive Fiberglass Ladder
225 pounds, total length 24 feet, max working length 21 feet, highest standing level 17’ 5”
365 Universal Attachment Yard Cart
4ft x 3ft, in good condition 
366 Adjustable Tall Office Chair on Wheels
In good condition has foot rest
367 Agri Products Little Giant Small Animal Cage
4ft x 2ft
368 Live Animal Trap
42" x 15"
369 The DR Field and Brush Mower
Model: 196422, does run and operate
370 Brave Industries Log Splitter
Does operate
371 Hechinger 4 Cubic ft Push Dump Cart
Has some rust inside
372 Omaha Steel Frame Drum Truck
Model W12P-KD
373 Husqvarna 450 Chainsaw, 20" Bar
Comes with misc chains, does run
374 Poulan 1625 Electric Chainsaw, 16" Bar, Toro Electric Leaf Blower
Both run and operate
375 Agri-Fab 7 CU ft Push Lawn Cart
Wooden, in decent condition 
376 Wheel Barrow
Appears to be in good condition 38" x 26"
377 Scotts by John Deere 20HP Lawn Mower, 46" Cut
Does run and cut
378 (2) Rubbermaid 100 Gallon Water Troughs (2 Times the Money)
In good condition 
379 Worksaver Bale Spear
3pt hitch, in good condition 
380 Gulfpride Super Premium SAE 10W/30 Motor Oil
26 quarts
381 (2) Plastic Tool Boxes and Misc C Clamps and Ratchet Straps
All for one money
382 Vintage Wood Planers
All for one money
383 Brass Table Lamp
384 Dasco Pro Yard Stick and Torque Wrench
All for one money
385 Silhouette and Candle Holders
All for one money
386 Childs Carved High Chair
In good condition 
387 Straight Back Wooden Chair
Has some nicks and scratches is sturdy
388 (3) Chain Hoists
1 ton max
389 Ratchet Tie Downs
In good condition 
390 Delfield Refrigerator
Works and is cold
391 (2) Barn Fans (2 Times the Money)
115/230 volts, believed to work
392 (3) Barn Fans (3 Times the Money)
115/230 volts, believed to work
393 (3) Barn Fans (3 Times the Money)
115/230 volts, believed to work
394 (3) Barn Fans (3 Times the Money)
115/230 volts, believed to work
395 (3) Barn Fans (3 Times the Money)
115/230 volts, believed to work

AUCTION TERMS, CONDITIONS AND DISCLAIMERS - READ BEFORE BIDDING - Pick up and Pay for all items on Friday, July 8, 2022 from 9AM-5:30PM at Loudoun Co. Fairgrounds, 17558 Dry Mill Road, Leesburg, VA 20175. We are leaving the Loudoun County Fairgrounds that evening because the following day is Loudoun Fair Set-Up. Your purchases will be abandoned if you do not pick up on July 8, 2022. No exceptions. Do not bid in this auction if you, or your representative, can not pick up your items on July 8, 2022.

The credit card that you use at registration will have a credit balance check performed for $19 which will show up as a pending charge from Damewood Auctioneers, and will drop off after several days. Damewood Auctioneers does not hold or keep this money. This is to ensure you are a real person and have a valid credit card.

Auction Terms

R. Craig Damewood, Auctioneer LLC (Auctioneer) offers all lots, items and merchandise sold "As-Is, Where-Is" with no warranties or guarantees either expressed, or implied. Descriptions are believed to be accurate, and when Auctioneer has knowledge of a defect, it will be disclosed. Auctioneer cannot be responsible for hidden, unknown defects, including wood scratches, cuts, broken furniture, stains on unseen parts of upholstery and carpets. You, the bidder/buyer must make your own decision to the fitness and condition of any item or lot and bid accordingly. Bidders are advised to attend the auction preview, or call Auctioneer for a condition report prior to bidding if they can not attend the preview. All Sales are Final. No Returns or exchanges. No Refunds. Auctioneer reserves the right to accept and reject any and all bids. Auctioneer reserves the right to bid on any lot, or lots. Bidder should be advised that he/she may experience technical issues with bidding software, or internet glitch which may prevent a bid from being communicated to the Auctioneer. Auctioneer has sole discretion and authority to declare a lot sold, or not sold. In the event of a dispute between any one or more bidders, the decision of the Auctioneer shall be final and absolute.


You may Preview: Preview on Tuesday, July 5th from 3:00-5:30PM at Loudoun Co. Fairgrounds, 17558 Dry Mill Road, Leesburg, VA 20175

Buyer’s Premium & Fees

All Buyers will be assessed an 13% Buyer's Premium, with a 3% discount for all cash and check purchases. All purchases will be assessed a 6% Virginia State Sales Tax unless Buyer presents Auctioneer with a valid Virginia sales tax exemption at the time of payment. By paying Auctioneer with a credit card, Buyers waive their right to issue a charge-back against Auctioneer. Automobiles will not be taxed, but Buyer must pay in full, and sign the title and bill of sale before receiving keys.

All Bids Are Final

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Removal & Payment

SHIPPING is available on this auction. Inquire before bidding. Auctioneer handling fee is $5 per lot, $10 per customer minimum, plus packing material, insurance, and Fed Ex ground. Signature may be required for items over $500. Be advised that we do not receive preferred shipping rates like large corporations and packing and shipping will be expensive. Shipping may cost you as much, or several times more than the cost of the item purchased. All firearms will be shipped through Davis Guns and Gear, and separate terms apply.

FIREARM TRANSFER: All firearms manufactured after 1898, with the exclusion of muzzleloading weapons, require an FFL transfer. Fee is $20 per gun. All firearms will be transferred, and picked up, at Davis Guns and Gear, 417 Browning Court, Suite C, Purcellville, VA 20132, (540) 441-7625,

PICK UP AND PAYMENT: Friday, July 8th from 9AM-5:30PM at Loudoun Co. Fairgrounds, 17558 Dry Mill Road, Leesburg, VA 20175. Pay by cash, check, Visa or MasterCard. Get a 3% discount for cash, wire or check purchases. All BUYERS WHO DO NOT PAY BEFORE OR DURING THIS PICK UP TIME WILL HAVE THEIR CREDIT CARD CHARGE FOR THE FULL AMOUNT DUE. AUCTIONEER AND SELLER ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO ASSIST BUYERS IN MOVING THEIR PURCHASES. BUYERS MUST BRING THEIR OWN HAND TRUCKS, PACKING BLANKETS, TOOLS, BOXES AND PAPER. Buyers assume all responsibility to any damage made to the property purchased during removal.

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