VIRTUAL AUCTION: Shenandoah Valley Pottery, Sterling Silver, Flow Blue Porcelain, Antique Furniture

VIRTUAL AUCTION: Shenandoah Valley Pottery, Sterling Silver, Flow Blue Porcelain, Antique Furniture


From the Collection of Lisa Hughes Long and Clara Long of Antiques and Almost Old, Front Royal, VA. This auction features hundreds of top-quality lots including Shenandoah Valley Pottery, Flow Blue Porcelain, Sterling Silver, Framed Art, Cantonware, Jewelry, Carpets, Venetian-style Furniture and more!

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Virtual Auction: Shenandoah Valley Pottery, Flow Blue Porcelain, Sterling Silver, Framed Art, Cantonware, Jewelry, Carpets, Venetian-style Furniture and more!

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Virtual Auction on Friday, September 23, 2022 at 10:00AM. No In-Person Bidding due to space constraints.

Preview on Tuesday, September 20th from 3-6PM at 214 S. Royal Ave, Front Royal, VA 22630

Pick-up all items on Saturday, September 24th from 9AM to 3PM at 214 S. Royal Ave, Front Royal, VA 22630. Call Ike at 703.401.7085 to schedule appt.

From the Collection of Lisa Hughes Long and Clara Long of Antiques and Almost Old, Front Royal, VA. This auction features hundreds of top-quality lots including Shenandoah Valley Pottery, Flow Blue Porcelain, Sterling Silver, Framed Art, Cantonware, Jewelry, Carpets, Venetian-style Furniture and more! Auction will be conducted as an online webcast auction with no in-person bidding due to space constraints.


This auction will be a live-cry auction, but due to space constraints all the bidding will take place entirely on the Damewood Auctioneers bidding app as a webcast auction. You can bid live simultaneously with the auctioneer, or leave a Max Bid and the system will bid for you against other bidders up to that amount. Call us at 540.454.2326 by 6:00PM the day before the auction if you need help participating in this virtual auction.

5Wooden Inlaid Marble Top Pedistal
33T 18W
6Oriental Style Lamp with Wooden Base
Lamp with Holder 26T, Lamp does Work
7Turkish Runner with Geometric Pattern
116L 38W does have some fraying on edges
8Prayer Rug
Red and Blue Colors, Pattern Barn Motif,51L 33W, does have heavy wear on edges
9French Flap Drop Front Desk Burl Wood 2 Drawer over 1 Drawer
43T 41L 20W
10French Style Golden Color Mirror with Ornate Gold Leaf Trim
49T 22W, appears to be in good condition
11Wooden Framed Cushioned Armed Chair, with Stretcher Base
31T 29W 24D
12Framed Block Print "Wear Road" by Zemsky 9 of 20
20T 15.5W
13Shelf Lot of Books
Civil War Book, Cook Book, Self Help, Fiction, Non-Fiction
14Shelf Lot of Books
Art Books, Oriental Carpets, Horticulture, Antique Glass
15Shelf Lot of Books
Garden Books, Piano For Adults, Appraisal Books, Martha's VInyard; See picture for titles.
16Large Gold Framed Painting Oil on Canvas, Scene with Geese at Waterfall
40T 46W; frame does have some scratches and chipping
17Two Heavily Decorated Andirons and Fender
2 Lions Heads Andirons 17T 16W; Fender 37W 8D, All for one price
182 Books Illustrated Library of Literary Treasures Vol.1-4
All for one price
192 Books "Punch" 1867 / 1868
All for one price
204 Books "R.E.Lee" Vol.1-4
All for one price
21Shelf Lot of Books
Favorite Son, Pelican Brief, The Brides Maids, and other misc. book: see picture for titles
22Shelf Lot of Books
Britannica Atlas, North & South, Native American Artifacts; See photos for titles
23Stretcher Base Arm Chair, and Stretcher Base Ottoman
Chair: 37T 25W 20D Ottoman: 17T 26X19
24Glass Top Table with Round Gold Base with Decorative Flower
21T  20W
25Metal Swivel Lamp with Leaf Design Lamp Shade
20T does work
26Red and Blue Prayer Rug, Floral Pattern
82L 52W Good Condition
27Red Green and Blue Geometric Pattern Rug
81L 62W, carpet does have fraying, does show wear
28Wooden Stretcher Base Coffee Table with Galley Top Table
17T 42L 21W
29Wooden Stretcher Base Sofa with Cushions
30T 70W 21D
302 English Framed Prints
"Holland House Kensington" and "Bramhall Hall Cheshire" 21X25; 2 times the money
31Antique Writing Desk
Metal Trimmed Corners, Brass Handles; 8T 24W 12D
32Wooden Stretcher Base Hall Table
30"T 5'L 12"W With Heavy Trim 
33Marble Top Round Table with Wooden Base and Metal Galley
20T 18W
34White and Brown 3 Panel Dressing Screen
45T 54L Leather Hinges, has small tear in bottom corner
35Framed Oriental Painted Sketch with Chopmark
21T 16W
36Large Wooden Arm Chair with Green Leaf Upholstry
39T 27W 21W
37Red and Blue Area Rug with Floral Center
100"L 62W; Good condition, some fraying on edges
38Glass front curio cabinet, with mirror back
3 glass shelves; 64T 28.5W 14D; do not have key
39Blue and White bowl, Asian chop mark
approx. 10 inches wide
40Large White Upholstered Chair and Ottoman
both have stains, Chair: 32T 36W 24D Ottoman: 15T 36X24
41Wooden Bench with 2 Cushions
16T 51L 21W with cushions, some stains on cushions
42Wooden Framed Military Print
Copyright Gebbie & Co. 15x19
43Oil Painting on Canvas, Gold Framed
Pioneer Scene with Mountains and Water 17x23; painting has been repaired
44Wooden Framed Cottage by Water Print
11x14.5 by: S.Ntimo
454 Panel Dressing Screen Ducks and Leaves
One-Sided 73L 36T
46Wooden Piano on Casters
Unknown Maker 37T 46.5W 49L; Broken Sound Board
47Wooden Straight Chair, 2 Front Casters
Carving on Frame and Seat Back 32T 19W 16D
48Virginia Craftsman of Harrisonburg, VA Stepback Hutch with Built In Slide Out Desk
2 Drawers over 4 Cabinets 80.5T 62W 16D(with desk in) 31D (with disk out)
492 Oil on Board Framed Paintings
Marsh and Grassland Scene Mt. Kearsage in the Distance by:S.S. Miles; 2 times the money by S.S. 6x12
50Round Oak Hall Table with Drawer
Pine back 29T 24L 17W
51Venetian Mirrored Glass Black Based Coffee Table Painted Bird of Paradise Top
17T 39W; Mirror Glass Has Some Damage
52White Upholstered Curved Back Sofa
32T 86L 32W some staining 
53Oil on Canvas Gold Framed by: E.Trenor Salon Paris.
Riverside Laundry Washing Scene 25x32
54Wooden Needle Point Chair
30T 18W 17D Good condition
55Asian Ginger Jar, with chop mark, made in China
17 inches tall
56Decorative Ceramic Pottery
Richard Ginors Italy 8T 6W, handle has been repaired.
57Marble Top Server with Mirrored Door Hutch 4 Drawers
87.5T 46W 21.5D 2 pieces. Does have wood chips and scratches. All for one money
58Oil on Board Gold Framed Painting
Ocean Seen Signed Hannley 20x30
59Wooden Armed Chair with Ball Feet
1 arm damaged, arm is included 37T 26W 20D
60Hour Glass Brass Stand
24"Tx8.5W does work
61Gate Leg Drop Leaf Table
Inlaid Legs and Top 30T 36W extended 
62Brass Footed Pot Heavily Decorated
16T 13W
63Venetian Mirrored Glass Cabinet, Asian Painted
36T 5'W 17.5D Mirror on top is cracked, some other mirroring damage, missing one piece
64Elongated Octagon Floral Mirrored Framed Mirror
65Footed Ornate Brass Candle Holder
2 pieces 9T 11W, all for one price
66Wooden Cornstalk Upholstered Chair
34T 21.5W 17D
67Blue and Red Color Entry Way Rug
54L 26W does have damage to fringe
68Metal Art Deco Umbrella Stand
22T x7
69Walking Stick Enamale Head
34L shows wear and discoloration
70Sterling Handled Walking Stick
71Pearl Handled Umbrella, E Moreland
72Gate Leg Drop Leaf Table
Inlay on Legs and Top 30T 36W extended. Matches lot 61.
734 Victoria Carlsbad, Austria. Plates
Pink with scenes, 6w; 4 times the money, 
743 Sterling Over Glass Perfume Bottles
Tallest 6.5; 3 times the money
752 Glass Cut Perfume Bottles
4T; All for one money
762 Brass Candle Sticks
13T; All for one Price
77Brass Weighted Lilly Pad
Marked 'Lotus' on Bottom; 6 wide
78Mantle Clock With Wooden Inlay
Ball Feet, with Key, 13T
79Small Wooden Lap Desk
4T 11.5W 8D, one hinge does need repair, does have a few scratches
80Miniature Wooden Piano Stool
9.5T 7.5W; good condition, does spin
81Old Glasses with Wire Frame, Glass Coaster
Coast 4'W; All for one price
82Textured Floral Painted Flass Cruet, Yellow Glass
Cruet 9T; Yellow Glass Marked: Vallerystahal, France, 375 (does have some chips) All for one price
832 Green Glass Floral Decorated Vases
10T Good Condition; 2 times the money
84Glass Eggshell Colored Cruet Painted
Extra Decorative Stopper 7T
85Small Purple Glass Floral Painted Ink Well, Small Glass Dish
Ink Well 3T; All for one price
862 Pieces, Imari-style Plate and Serving Bowl
Plate: 8.5 Wide Serving Bowl: 7.25W Good Condition; 2 times the money. Can't be certain this is Imari, but has the same color pattern.
87Rose Medallion Covered Dish
Appears to be in good Condition 5T 9.5L
87aRose Medallion Bowl with Display Stand
1.5T 11.5L
87b(3) Rose Medallion Plates
2 plates: 8"w Good condition Small pate: 6"w, does have some damage on edges; 3 Times the Money
87cRose Medallion Serving Plater
16W, Small chipping on outer edge
88Green Glass Gold Decorated Lamp with Brass Base
Torch Motif, 27T, does work
89Iron Footed Electrified Oil Lamp, Amber Glass Globe
Converted Oil Lamp, 35T Does Work
90Wooden Carved Seal Statue Wooden Bird, Ceramic Cat Vase
Seal 11T All for one money
91Small Salesman Sampler Dresser with Mirror
14T 10.5W 7W
92Small Salesman Sampler Wooden Chest
10T 7W 6D
93(1) Gallon Glazed Jug Marked "B.C Milburn Alex."
12T, Does have a line in it
94Decorated Red Vase
952 Small Blue Flower Painted Vase
5T; 2 times the money
962 Pink Hand Painted Tree and Sparrow Decorated Vases
97Metal Over Green Glass Vase, Green Glass Gold Wrapped Holder Vase
Tallest 12.25, Holder is broken. All for one price
98Brass Art Deco Flower Decorated Vase
99Decorative Pink Ceramic Pedestal Dish Marked "Caldwell & Co Philadelphia
5T 6.5W some discoloration
100Orange Glass Metal Pedestal Fruit Bowl
6.5T 12W Good Condition
101Gallon Glazed Pitcher Heavily Decorated Blue Paint, Likely Shenandoah Valley
No maker's stamp. 11T In Good Condition
102Decorated Floral Vase Glowers and Water Scene, Japan
103Blue Hand Painted Decorated Glass Pitcher
9T Good Condition
1045 Gallon Soneware Crock, Heavily Blue Decorated
No maker's mark. 16T 10W, Heavily Blue Decorated, 1 Ear does have damage, Lip has small chip 
1051 Gallon Glazed Crock, Blue Flower Design on Front
Stoneware is 10T 7W
106Decorated Frosted and Green Glass Vase with Floral Paint Design
107Rare S.Bell & Son Stoneware Planter, Heavily Decorated
Solomon Bell Stasburg VA 8.5T 6.25W
107aRare J. Eberly & Bro Stoneware Planter
Stasburg, VA.  7T 8W
108Silver charm bracelets, gold plated locket
Some charms are sterling. Charm Braclets etc. All for one price
109Brass Bucket with Handle
8T 11.5W
1102 Glass Domed Flowers
6.5 T
111H.J. Miller & Son 1.5 Gallon Stoneware Crock, Blue Decorated
Alexandria VA 11.5T 7.5W
112Decorative Matchstick Holder, 2 Decorative Trinket Boxes
Largest Box 5W; All for one price
113Glass Magnifying Glass, Harpers Ferry Pin, Fish Dish, Toy Car, Thimble
Fish 4L, All for one price
1143 Small Brass Bowls with Stand
Largest Bowl 1.5T 3.5W, Stand fits 2 bowls. All for one price
115Childs Rattle Cup, Marked 'Wee Robert 1886'
1162 Cast Iron Small Shoe Lasts
Longest: 5.5L; all for one price
1172 Old Skeleton Keys
Longest 5.5"; All for one price
117a5 Pieces Cut Glass, Business Card Holder, Knife Holder, Water Glass, 2 Shot Glasses
Water Glass 6T, All for one price
117b3 Pieces Cut Glass; Creamer and Sugar Bowl, Glass Dish on Stand
Creamer & Sugar: 3T Dish: 5W, All for one price
118Brass Letter Opener, Brass Candle Holder
Opener 9" Length; All for one price
119Tiffany Studios Ink Bottle Holder Brass with Mother of Pearl Inlay
2T 2.5W
120Tiffany Studios Brass with Mother of Pearl Inlay Decorative Jewelry Holder
9T 4W
121Tiffany Studios Brass Pearl Inlay 3 Compartment Box
1.25T 4L
122Tiffany Studios Brass with Mother of Pearl Inlay Letter Holder
5T 9.5W
123Brass Bird Decorative Pen/Letter Holder
2T 3.5W
124Long Red and Blue Hallway Runner
171"L 29"W does show wear, fraying on edges
125Green, Cream, and Rose Color Runner
14'L 31"W
126Metal Fan Fireplace Screen with Griffin decoration
25T 38W
127Wooden Framed Currier and Ives Print Clipper Ship 'Dreadnought'
16x20 Some discoloration around outside of print
128Paper Fan with Metal Base
129Asian Dragon and Pink Geisha
Geisha 7.5T; All for one price
130Blue Water Glass with Hand Painted Flowers, Blue Glass Pitcher with Painted Woman and Butterfly
Mary Gregory. 5T
131Glass Weighted Bowl, possible Steuben
6T 9.5W
132(4) Water Glasses, Green Glass, Painted Scenes
Flowers, Ladies 4T; All for one money 
133Painted Plaster Cast Girl with Babydoll, Blue Decanter with White Flower
Girl 7T, All for one price 
134Ceramic with Victorian Painted Girls, Interior Cups with Northwind Face
2 Pieces, with inserts, 9T 10L 
135Framed Wallace Nutting Print of Girl at Piano
Frame is loose 9x13
136(2) Blue Decorated Shot Glasses, with Komodo Dragon and Goose depicted
2.75" Tall, All for one Price
137Blue Wedgewood Pitcher with Classical Scenes
5.5T 7W
138(6) Misc. Drinking Glasses, Blue, Red, Carnival Glass
4T; All for one price
139Decorative Iridescent Glass Paperweight
140Metal Over Green Glass Vase with Flower Decoration
141Painted Woman on Ceramic, Book "General Science" By: Bertha Clark
Smudging on Woman, Book Copyright 1912; all for one price
142Large Blue Canton Ware Platter with Oriental Scene
2T 18W, Does have white spot in middle
143Ceramic Castle, Decorated Ceramic Footed Egg Box
Castle 5T
144Blue Oriental Plate
145Blue and White Oriental Pitcher
146Small Blue Canton Ware Plater on Wooden Stand
147Candle Holders Metal Base and Glass Tassels
Largest 18T Parisian Woman Motif. Some prisms are chipped or missing.
148Small Blue Vase with Oriental Dragon
149Blue Oriental Bowl, Blue Oriental Cup and Saucer
Bowl is damaged with lines and cracked; All for one price
1502 Painter Ceramic Vases with European Figures
9.5T 7.5W good condition, loose bolts; All for one price
151Pendant with Flute Player, Kerry Glass Green Swirl Paperweight
All for one Price
152(5) Ceramic Geese, Assorted Sizes
Tallest measures 5"; All for one price
153Pair of Bronze Book Ends, Figure Playing Cello
6.5T. One has cracked head.
154Small Woven Carrying Basket
5T 8W
155W.A. MCKYARD Small Dish Hand Painted in China, Small Blue Victorian Pitcher
Pitcher 4T; All for one price
156(2) Metal Roman Chariots
4T 9L;  All for one Price
157Framed Oriental Print
Man with hand puppet 12x9
158Framed Pressed Pansies By: Sandy Barnett
158aBlue and White Serving Dish on Tray; Marked Medina Hansley England
5.5T 9L
158b(4) Small Cut Glass Serving Dishes; 2 Round, 2 Oval
Round: 6W Oval: 6L
159(2) Skeleton Keys, Huge Assortment of Old Tin Type Pictures
All for one price
160Battle of Bunker Hill Print, Lady in White Dress Photo
Bunker print 7.5x10
1611982 George Washington Commemorative Halfdollar Uncirculated, President of United States Match Book
All for one price
1621974 Bicentennial John Adams Commemorative Metal, 1964 Philadelphia Mint Set
2 tImes the money
163Buffalo Nickel Book Set 1913 1938, Jefferson Nickel Book Set 1938-1961
Books Incomplete, and we have not double checked that all coins are in their correct spaces within these books.
164Assorted Books, Foreign Stamps, French Primitives, 3 Kids Books
See photos; All for one price
164a1890-S and 1921 Morgan Silver Dollars
Morgan Does Show Wear, two times the price
164b1880 Morgan Silver Dollar, set in metal bracelet, with Native American Design
Women's Bracelet
164c1922 Peace Dollar, 1951 Quarter, 1908 Nickel, 1943 Liberty Dime
All for one money
1651886 Birthday Party Signature Album, Yellowstone Park Souvenir Folder, Ocean City Postcard
all for one price 
166Framed Surrender of General Cornwallace at Yorktown Print
167Framed 'Le Merchent de Coco" Print By C. Kermet
168Framed Print "Mauvaise Humeur" by E. Meissonier
169Oak Claw Foot 2 Pedestal Table with Painted White Top
29T 62L 42W Does have Scratches, Feet have Scratches and Discoloration
169a3 Ladies Dress Purses
Largest: Metal Clasp, Ornate Bead and Sequin Front on Ornate Metal Clasps  Metal Clasp, Painted Metal Mesh Outer; All for one price
169bPainted Metal Serving Tray, Tree and Fruit Motif (with wall hanger)
19L 15W
169C3 Pieces Cut Glass, Black on Whiter Serving Utensil Plate, Small Metal Bell
Glass: S&P Shaker missing top, 2 Shot Glasses, Plate: 9L has some lines in it. Bell is 3.5T does work
169dBlue and White Pitcher, Mug, and Serving Carafe With Lid
Carafe with Lid 8.5T
169eGlass Cut Salad Bowls, 1 large bowl, 6 small bowls
Large Bowl: 3.5T 8.5W Small Bowl: 2.5T 5.25W; 7 times the money
170Printer Stand on Wheels
2 Sliding Shelves, 30T 26W 19.5D
171Oriental Vase with Wooden Base
172Large Oriental Vase, Floral Decorated, Wooden Base
173Floral Bowl with Wooden Base
3.5T 8W
174Floral Vase with Wooden Base includes flowers
175Oriental Electric Lamp with Male and Female Figures
176Asian Canton Blue Plate on Wooden Stand
8.5W does have some damage around rim of plate
177Oriental Covered Bowl, Oriental Bowl
Cover on Bowl has been broken and repaired. Largest bowl 7w; all for one price
178Ceramic Baking Mold Amber Red
3.5T 9W
179Brass Candle Stick with snuffer, 3 sets wick scissors
Holder 6" Tall, All for one price
180Ceramic Vase
No Markings 8T
181Fabric Covered Round Top Trunk w Metal Edges
Trunk has no hinges 11T 22W 10.5D
182Metal Table Mirror
183Ceramic Figurine of Boy with Walking Stick
184Wooden Asian Warrior
missing weapons, 7.5T
185(2) Wooden Religious Figurines
Tallest: 10T; All for one price
186Ceramic Bowl Vase with Base
Vase has line in it 8T
187Soapstone Rabbit, Apple Tea Pot on Wooden Base
Rabbit Measures 3T 5.5L; Both fair condition
188Bronze Tulip Leaf Design Flower Vase
189Small Metal Pot with Lid, Small Boiler with Lid
Pot: 4.5T 6L Boiler: 5T 7.5L
190(2) Blue Ceramic Ducks
9" Tall; 2 times the money
191Blue Ginger Jar
On wooden base, Top has been damaged and repaired, 9T
192Bronze Unicorn on Stand
4.5T 5.5L
193(3) Pieces Green Wedgewood; Heart Plate, and (2) Canisters with Lid Mediterranean Figures
Tallest Cannister 4T; All for one price
194(2) Blue Foo Dog
4.5T; All for one price
195(2) Cement Faces
Largest measure 6" Wide; All for one price
196Brass Bookends, Railing Design
9T 8.25W; all for one price
197Miniature Mounted Knight on Stand
198(2) Dancing Figurines- Collection Francaise; Made in USA, Metal on Marble Base
7T; all for one price
199Ornate Metal Plate on Metal Stand
200Metal Girl Holding Book and Umbrella
201Miniature Garden Stool Votive Lamp on Marble Stand
202Plaster Composite Laboring Cherub Books Ends
6.5T 5W
203Vase on Wooden Stand
7T, Does have a line in it
204White Plaster Figurine; 'Juiletta e Romeo' Figurine with horse and wolf
9T 9.5L
205Flow Blue Platter, Marked Dundee
206(2) Tea Pots; 1 Upper Hanley Semi-Porcelain Pottery of England Geisha, 2 No Markings
10T Unmarked pot has crack in top and chip on side; All for one money
207Rectangle Flow Blue Platter
208Flow Blue Plater with Gold Overlay; Marked Albany Royal England
209Large Flow Blue Bowl, Marked England
4T 10W
210Blue Flow Glass Plate; Cow on Moat in front of castle Marked Cauldon England, B.W.M.
2115 Flow Blue Plates; Marked FB of England
8W; 5 times the money
212(5) Flow Blue Plates with Floral Pattern, Marked FB
10W, 5 times the money
213Flow Blue Bowl, Mark Undetermined
214Large Flow Blue Platter, Marked J&G Meakim, England
16W Chipping in center 
215(6) Flow Blue Bowels with Gold Overlay , Marked Albany England
9.5W; 6 times the money
216Flow Blue Plate, Flowers and Planter Design
No Marking, 9W
217Flow Blue Plate, Marked Made in Holland Splendid
218Flow Blue Plate, Marked Made in Holland
10W, Chip in center
219(8) Flow Blue Plates Marked Waldorf New Warf Pottery England
2: 9W 6: 10W; 8 times the money
220(1) Flow Blue Bowl, (1) Blue and White Bowl
10W, Blue and White: Marked Prussia, has crack in it; All for one Price
221(7) Blue and White Coasters, Marked: John Maddox & Son. England
3W; 7 times the money
2225 Flow Blue Tea Cups, and 3 Saucers; Marked Rock EG
Saucers 6W Cups 2.5T All in Fair Condition; All for one price
223Flow Blue Plate Marked Waldorf England, Cup and Saucer
Saucer: 5.5W does have chip; All for one money
224Flow Blue Plate Marked Shelton G. B. Designed by Job Ridgeways Potter 1794
225(2) Blue and White Platters; 1 Marked England 2nd Henry Alcock & CE Manhattan England
England 15W has chips on it, Other 16W; All for one price
2262 Blue and White Bowls, 1 Marked England, 2nd Marked England
9.5W, Good Condition; All for one price
227Blue and White Plate, Marked Poppy England
228(2) Blue and White Plates, Marked Burleigh England
Both have lines in them; All for one price
229Blue Flow Plate; Marked Colonial- Hanley England
230(4) Blue Coasters
some have lines and chips; All for one money
231Blue and White Oriental Pagoda Motif
2322 Flow Blue Plates Marked Dundee
Both have lines and chips 10W; All for one price
233Flow Blue Plate, Marked Peach Royal England
234Blue and White Plate, Marked Monterey J. Heath; Palace, Water, and Mountain Motif
9.25W Good Condition
235Flow Blue Plate on Stand; Marked England
236(6) Flow Blue Salts; Marked England 'Clarence'
3.25W; All for one money
237Cup and Saucer; Marked B&L England
Saucer: 5W Cup: 4T
238(3) Flow Blue Bowls; Marked J.G. Meakim
5.5w; All for one money
239(2) Covered Bowls, 1 Small Bowl, Saucer
All have chips, cracks, and missing pieces; Bowl measures 6W; All for one money
240Blue Platter Marked Kaolin Chinese; Pagoda Motif
241Blue and White Platter
242Flow Blue Plate on Metal Stand
243Blue and White Platter Marked FB, Blue and White Teapot
Teapot: 7T does have chip in lid Plater: 16L
244Flow Blue Casserole Dish
4T 11W
245Blue and White Oriental Bowl
246Flow Blue Bowl on Wooden Stand; Marked England
247Victoria Austria Flow Blue Round Platter
248Gaudy Flow Blue Serving Dish
10L 8W
249(6) Cut Water Glasses, with Glass Decanter
Decanter has chips on edge; All for one price
2503 Pieces Cut Glass; Bowl, Relish Dish, Serving Bowl
Dish: 4T 11W Rellish: 2T 11W Bowl: 4T 8W; 3 times the money
251Small Pedestal Bowl, 4 Glass Bowls
Largest Bowl Measures 9W, All for one price
252Cut Glass Pitcher, Cut Glass Carafe
Tallest: 8T
2535 Cut Glass Shot Glasses, and Small Cut Glass Decanter
Decanter 8T, stopper is damaged
254Glass Cut Creamer and Sugar with Floral Design
2552 Cut Glass, Knife Rest, Salts, 2 shot Glasses, and Decanter
Decanter 8T, has chip in handle; All for one price
256Cut Glass Fruit Bowl on Pedestal, Glass Sugar Bowl, Large Martini Glass
Fruit Bowl 8.5
257Empire (2) Pedestal Dinning Room Table
Table does have stains in finish, 29T 12.5 feet L 49W with all leaves.
258Pink and Blue Area Rug
149L 105W Good Condition
259Framed Print 'The Wynnstay Hunt' Painted by Henry Calvert, Engraved by W. T. Davey (Fox Hunting)
260Oval Side Table with Shelf
23T 29L 18W
261Brass Lamp and Shade
26T, Works, In Good Condition 
262Ornate Floral Turine on Plater
12T 17L
2632 Cut Glass Pitchers
Tallest measures 12"; 2 times the money
2644 Rose Medallion Plates, 1 Cup and Saucer
Plate 5.75W
2652 Cut Glass Serving Dishes
Larges Measure 12L
2664 Liquor Decanters on Serving Tray
All Have Stoppers and Sterling Silver Labels; Largest 11.5T; All for one money
267Engraved Footed Butter Dish; Improved Coin Material
268Glass Lamp
21T Oil Lamp Converted to Electric
269Glass Divided Dish with Silver Overlay
270Miniature Nude and Dragon Tea Pot, Miniature Glass Decanter
Tea Pot 5T
2715 Liquor Decanter Tags; Rum, Scotch, Gin, Vodka, Brandy
5 times the money 
272Oak Marble Top Server, Decorated Front, 2 Drawer over 2 Doors
40T 55L 21W, Appears to be in good condition 
273Ornate Gold Leaf Decorated Mirror
34.5" x 4'
274Photo Album with Old Photo
275Blue Glass Metal Based Lamp
23T, Works, split in back
276Empire Style Game Table, does not swivel
30T 35x35. Some veneer is chipped.
277Sterling snack plates, 478 grams
all one price. untested.
278Tea pot, sterling, 1,028 grams
279Sterling weighted tray on stand, 282 grams
280Poole sterling cream and sugar, 892 grams
all for one price
281Poole sterling gravy boat, 252 grams
282Poole sterling tray, 169 grams
284Sterling salt and pepper, 94 grams
3 pieces for one price
283Sterling shell bowls, 38 grams
Both for one price.
285Towle Sterling Silver Flatware 3,584 grams plus 25 Sterling Handles
Lot Includes: 3 Spoons, 7 Teaspoons, 5 Tablespoons, Butter Knife, Mini Spoon, 6 Soup Spoon, 6 Seafood Forks, 9 Salad Fork, 12 Ice Tea Spoons, 13 Dinner Forks, 2 Serving Pieces, 18 Handled Butter Knive
286International sterling flatware, 1100 grams, plus 16 sterling handles knives
eight Sterling handled knives, eight Sterling handled butter dives, seven dinner forks, 5 teaspoons, six soup spoons and miscellaneous serving pieces, +5 salad forks. Sterling-handled items not includ
287Misc. Sterling silver flatware, 1,158 grams, plus five sterling handles
untested, all for one price,  Sterling-handled items not included in the listed weight.
2884 Silver Cups, marked sterling, 182 Grams
All for one price, untested 
289Sterling Creamer and Pitcher with Tray; Marked Goram, 454 Grams
All for one Price, Untested
2904 Misc. Silver Plate Serving Pieces
All for one money, Untested
291Sterling Silver Ashtray 146 Grams, Sterling Weighted Lighter 189 Grams
All for one price, Untested
2922 Sterling Silver Candle Snuffers, 63 Grams
one has wooden handle,  all for one money, untested
293Goram Sterling Over Wood Box
7.5L and 3.5W 
294Sterling Weighted Vase Towle 129 grams
2953 Columbia Sterling Weighted Salt and Pepper Shakers 467 grams
All for one, untested
2963 Sterling Based Etched Glass Bowls, one is Hawkes
Tallest 6T 7T; 3 times the money
297La Pier Sterling Weighted Bowl 168 Grams
298Sterling Silver Dresser Set, Mirror, Brushes, Combs
All for one price
2992 Sterling Trimmed Salt and Pepper Shakers, 4 Glass Canisters with Sterling Silver Lids, Bud Vase
Spoon and Lids 138 Grams, And Sugar Shaker; All for one price
3001 ctw. Diamond Solitaire Ring with Scalloped Head, 14K White Gold Band
Hunt Country Jewelers grades this diamond as 6.8 x 3.8, L, SI, 1 ct. shallow
3011.80 ctw. Diamond Solitaire Ring, four prong, 14K White Gold band
Hunt Country Jewelers grades this diamond as 7.9 x 4.7, IJ, VS-1, and a 1.80 ctw. diamond.
302Four Diamond 14K Ring, 1.40 ct. total weight
Hunt Country Jewelers grades this ring as 4.3-4.5mm, (4) 0.35 ct diamonds, GHI-VS, total carat weight of 1.40.
303Five Diamond Platinum Ring, 0.90 ct. total weight
Hunt Country Jewelers grades this ring as 3.8mm (0.18 ct x 5 stones), 2 diamonds are chipped, GH, VS
304Beautiful Platinum Diamond Brooch, Marquise cut diamond center, 11.85 grams total unit weight
Hunt Country Jewelers graded this as 11x5.5x3.5 mg diamond center stone, SI2, GH1. Other diamond count is (14) 3.5, (14) 3, (1) 2.7, GH, VS
305Platinum Diamond Watch, 100 mostly single cut diamonds, not running, synthetic sapphire accents
Hunt Country Jewelers grades this as (2) total carat weight of diamonds, and sapphires are synthetic.
306Pearl circle brooch, gold-filled
Krementz brand. Missing one pearl.
307Circle Pin with Pearl, Gold filled
Gold filled.
308Double Link 14K Gold Bracelet, 43.25 grams
Hunt Country Jewelers grades this as 7.5 by 10.5mm wide.
309Platinum Diamond Ring w/0.35 ct. center stone, and 0.10 ct. total weight side stones
Hunt Country Jewelers grades the center stone as GH, VS
310Synthetic Sapphire 14K Gold Ring, (1) stone missing
Hunt Country Jewelers grades this as 0.24 carat total weight, 2.9 grams gross weight.
310ASterling clip on earrings, 20th Century US coins
all for one price.

AUCTION TERMS, CONDITIONS AND DISCLAIMERS - READ BEFORE BIDDING - PICK UP AND PAYMENT Pick-up all items on Saturday, September 24th from 9AM to 3PM at 214 S. Royal Ave, Front Royal, VA 22630. Call Ike at 703.401.7085 to schedule appt.

The credit card that you use at registration will have a credit balance check performed for $19 which will show up as a pending charge from Damewood Auctioneers, and will drop off after several days. Damewood Auctioneers does not hold or keep this money. This is to ensure you are a real person and have a valid credit card.

Auction Terms

R. Craig Damewood, Auctioneer LLC (Auctioneer) offers all lots, items and merchandise sold "As-Is, Where-Is" with no warranties or guarantees either expressed, or implied. Descriptions are believed to be accurate, and when Auctioneer has knowledge of a defect, it will be disclosed. Auctioneer cannot be responsible for hidden, unknown defects, including wood scratches, cuts, broken furniture, stains on unseen parts of upholstery and carpets. You, the bidder/buyer must make your own decision to the fitness and condition of any item or lot and bid accordingly. Bidders are advised to attend the auction preview, or call Auctioneer for a condition report prior to bidding if they can not attend the preview. All Sales are Final. No Returns or exchanges. No Refunds. Auctioneer reserves the right to accept and reject any and all bids. Auctioneer reserves the right to bid on any lot, or lots. Bidder should be advised that he/she may experience technical issues with bidding software, or internet glitch which may prevent a bid from being communicated to the Auctioneer. Auctioneer has sole discretion and authority to declare a lot sold, or not sold. In the event of a dispute between any one or more bidders, the decision of the Auctioneer shall be final and absolute.


Preview on Tuesday, September 20th from 3-6PM at 214 S. Royal Ave, Front Royal, VA 22630​​​​​​​

Buyer’s Premium & Fees

All Buyers will be assessed an 13% Buyer's Premium, with a 3% discount for all cash and check purchases. All purchases will be assessed a Virginia State Sales Tax unless Buyer presents Auctioneer with a valid Virginia sales tax exemption at the time of payment. By paying Auctioneer with a credit card, Buyers waive their right to issue a charge-back against Auctioneer. Automobiles will not be taxed, but Buyer must pay in full, and sign the title and bill of sale before receiving keys.

All Bids Are Final

All bids recognized by the Auctioneer, the Auctioneers bidding app are final and constitute a binding contract to purchase between the buyer and the seller. Auctioneer cannot, and will not, remove bids on behalf of bidders. Make sure you are bidding on the item you intend to bid on before pressing the bid button.

Removal & Payment

SHIPPING is available on this auction. Inquire to make sure your item is eligible before bidding. No furniture. Auctioneer handling fee is $5 per lot, $10 per customer minimum, plus packing material, insurance, and Fed Ex ground. Signature may be required for items over $500. Be advised that we do not receive preferred shipping rates like large corporations and packing and shipping will be expensive. Shipping may cost you as much, or several times more than the cost of the item purchased. All firearms will be shipped through Davis Guns and Gear, and separate terms apply.

PICK UP AND PAYMENT: Pick-up all items on Saturday, September 24th from 9AM to 3PM at 214 S. Royal Ave, Front Royal, VA 22630. Call Ike at 703.401.7085 to schedule appt. Pay by cash, check, Visa or MasterCard. Get a 3% discount for cash, wire or check purchases. All BUYERS WHO DO NOT PAY BEFORE OR DURING THIS PICK UP TIME WILL HAVE THEIR CREDIT CARD CHARGE FOR THE FULL AMOUNT DUE. AUCTIONEER AND SELLER ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO ASSIST BUYERS IN MOVING THEIR PURCHASES. BUYERS MUST BRING THEIR OWN HAND TRUCKS, PACKING BLANKETS, TOOLS, BOXES AND PAPER. Buyers assume all responsibility to any damage made to the property purchased during removal.