IN-PERSON and ONLINE: Farm Equipment, Farm Collectibles, Antiques of R.T. and Judi Legard

IN-PERSON and ONLINE: Farm Equipment, Farm Collectibles, Antiques of R.T. and Judi Legard

Bid In-Person and Online

Damewood Auctioneers is proud to have been contracted by R.T. and Judi Legard of Hillsboro, VA to sell their remaining modern farm equipment, anvils, farm supplies, antiques and more! While a catalog with premiere lots will be posted, most of these items will be offered LIVE ONLY with on-site bidding only.

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Bid In-Person and Online: Farm Equipment, Farm Collectibles, Horse Drawn Farm Equipment, Lumber, Antiques and Personal Property of R.T. and Judi Legard of Hillsboro, VA

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LIVE ON-SITE AUCTION on Sat. May 6, 2023 at 9:00AM

PREVIEW on Friday, May 5, 2023 from 9AM to 5PM

Onsite at the Legard Farm, 14758 Berlin Turnpike, Hillsboro, VA 20132

All items purchased must be removed by Monday evening, or they will be considered abandoned without prior approval from Auctioneer and/or owner

Order of the Auction:

9:00AM Ring #1: Will start on Lot 1 through 275, on Internet Lots

9:30AM Ring #2: Will start on lot 276 through 314A, then sell lots 1000-1108

1:00PM Ring #1: Will start on lot 375 in the building, sell through #457

Damewood Auctioneers is proud to have been contracted by R.T. and Judi Legard of Hillsboro, VA to sell their remaining modern farm equipment, anvils, farm supplies, antiques and more! While a catalog with premiere lots will be posted, many of the items will be offered LIVE ONLY with in-person bidding only.




4Rooster and Chicken Decorations, Egg Sign
Largest chicken measures 12" Tall. All for one price.
5Chicken and Rooster Wood Trays, Deviled Egg Sign, Chicken Picture
Largest picture is 18".
6Leaf Etched Glasses Stemware, Teapot w/4 cups
largest glass measures 8" tall. all one money
7Jamberry Bowl w/ Weave Design & Pitcher
both one money Bowl measures 6 x 9.5"
8Large Lot Royal Swirl Fine China set
not complete set. all one money
9Plates Platter Bowl Saucers Royal Staffordshire Rural Scenes
all one money
10Paper Dolls & Hawaiian Dashboard Hula Doll
all one money
11Porter Microcraft ,Telescope Sharper Image Maze Globe & Dodge Agway Die-Cast Truck
all one money
12Erector Set Tin Case & Vehicle
#8.5 Erector set. Unknown if complete. Erector set case 4" x 20" All one money
13Snap Bowling Game
39" x 14. Unknown if complete.
143 Seasons Greeting Metal Train TD & Package Truck
trucks show wear. unsure if complete. large truck measures 11" long.
15Visible V8 Auto Engine Assembly Kit
unknown if kit is complete. box 4" x 22 x 16
16Toy Lot Pony Spinning Clown Truck & Wood Pull Toy
all one money
17Hy Speed Toy Wagon
6" tall x 15" long
18Box of Metal Toys ,Jolly Jumper, Noise Maker, Tractor
some are damaged. all one money
19Mattel Plastic Car Track Parts & Building & Toy Cars
Unsure if complete 6 toy cars all one money
20Shenandoah Steamed Engine, Toy Barbie Dolls, Bicycle & Wood Blocks
All one money
212 Die Cast Tractors by ERTL
both one money 1:64 scale
221/64 Scale Toy Tractors, Planter & Sprayer
all one money
23Mason Dixon Historical Society Belt Buckle, John Deere 12A Toy Combine & Cast Iron Tractor
Combine not complete, missing tires...
24Kelloggs Collectors Car 1/24 Scale & 2 Toy Airplanes w/Engines
unknown if airplanes are complete
25Neverout Antique Lantern & Glass door Lantern
Neverout Lantern by Rose Manufacture Co. 10" tall. glass damage.
26Hanayama Brain Puzzle Lot & Nutcracker Puzzle Man
all one money
27Lot Milk Glass Footed Bowl, Pitcher, Cake Plate Etc.
Cake plate 5 tall x 14 wide
28Snowman Cookie Jar, Two Oil Lamps & Two Oil Lamp Bases
tallest lamp 20" tall all one money
29Blue Glass Cocktail Glasses, Madeline Hurricane Glass Vase & Bowls
4 blue & 2 clear cocktail glasses. 8" tall. all one money
30Candle Sticks, Brass Holders, Candles, Pewter Dish w/Lid
Largest holder 8" tall. all one money
30A2 Beer Billy Carter Mugs & 2 Corning Ware Cups
all one money Mugs 5" tall.
31Antique Cast Iron Egg Carton Maker
9" tall & 20" long. Mounted on wood board.
322 Jim Beam Oldsmobile Truck & Glass Decanters
33Records (LPs), CDs ,Box Plastic Sign Letters, Wedding Topper & Framed Photos
Lps appear to be all the same: The North Star Band. all one money
34Silver Plate Lot, Bowls Dishes & 1905 Brighton Coffee Grinder
all one money
352 Porcelain Dinner Bells & Ceramic Plaster Statue
Statue 16.75" tall. Some paint wear. all one money
362 Textured Glass Decanters w/Tops
10.25" tall.  
37Lot Burlap Feed Bags, Orchard Grass, Soybean, Wayne etc
all one money
38Lot Tins, Tobacco Spice & Carpenters Chalk
all one money
39Wood Painted Clogs, Wood Syroco Bowl & Basket
all one money. clogs measure 8" long.
40Old Handcuffs
little rust. 16" long.
41Cast Iron Lot Apple Peeler, Pan Wrench & Band Cutter Knife
all one money
42Metal Ricer & Cherry Pitter
both one money.
43Cast Iron Beetle Boot Jack & Two Hooks
all one money have rust boot jack 10" long
44Enamel Coated Cast Iron Spice Grinder Germany
Hand crank works.
45Metal Duplex Record, Hand Crank Grinder Cast Iron
13" long. Works
46Hand Mixer, Little Scale Grater & Clamp Bottle Lifter
all one money
47Cast Iron Kitchen Serving Utensils, Hanging Set & MOO Brander/Poker
all one money
48Cast Iron Apple Peeler
has some rust. has been welded 12" long.
49Cast Iron Lander S. Frary Grinder
13" long.
50Cast Iron EAGLE Hand Crank Crimper
11" long
51Ceramic Lot Plates, Country Life Bottle, Cow Steer
Bottle Measures 12" tall. All one money
52Lot Metal Graters Lightening Shredder & Mold
Largest 15" long. all one money
53Cast Iron Muffin Mold, Metal & Glass GL Baking Co Display Windows
rusted. Mold measures 17" long.
54(7) Advertising Yardsticks
Farm Credit, Southern States, Auctioneer, John Deere etc.
55Metal Fire Helmet, Lovettesville Fire Dept Patch, Middleburg & License Plate
all one money
56Lot Ruler, Folding & Regular & Paint Sticks
all one money
56A2 McComb Brothers Purcellville Purina Chow Feed Pencils
7.5" long. new old stock. shelf wear.
572 Wood Cow, Farmer Doll Butter Cream & Biscuit Sign
wood cow measures 15" long. all one money
583 Milk Bottles Mug Squib Bottle & Glass Tea Canister
all one money. tallest 9"
593 Phones & Westclox Clock
two phones rotary. one push button. all one money
60(3) Leesburg VA Bottles, Coca Cola and Soda Water, Pewter Anniversary Coaster & Mug
One if the Coke bottle is a Christmas bottle, dated December 25, 1923. The soda bottle is a Leesburg, VA embossed bottle as well. You buy all one money. 
61Heater, Control Dodge Hood Ornament & Lily-Tulip Cup Corporation Cutter
both one money ornament has raised #383. 
62One Gallon Maple Syrup Tin, Arrow Heads, 1965 Loudoun County License Plate
all one money
63Calf Weaner & 3 Cow Bells
all one money. largest measures 6" x 4.5
642 Pepsi Crates, Letter Box, Glass Soda & Water Bottles
all one money
65Misc Dishes, Cups, & Amber Water Glasses
all one money
66Wood Stomper, Cups, Metal Grater, Wonder Shredder & Little Bench
Bench w/ art design measures 7.5 x 11 all one money
67Red Glass Oil Lamp, Large October Fest Mug, '88 Christmas Holder, Glass Syrup Bottle, Insulator Lamp
all one money
68Farm Magazines & Playboys 60s & 70s
Two stacks. all one money.  
69Horse Hame Mirror & Crop
both one money Mirror measures 29" long x 14" wide.
70Lot Burlap Bags & Cotton Seed Bags, Southern States Loudoun County
all one money. two stacks.
70AWork Bench w/Metal Legs & Clamp Attached
Table 31" tall & 8 feet long & 25 deep.
70BBread Box Metal Box Wood Dovetail Joint Boxes Melon Box
all one money
71Deer & Manzer Corn Planter Top, Door Knobs, Railroad Spikes & Wood Nail Box
all one money
72K-D Valve Guide Puller Box Set
bow wear
73Tool Box & Electric Chicago Plunge Router
looks new. one money
74Large Lot Enamel Pans & Roasters & Aluminum Trays
trays 26" long. one money
74A2 Large Aluminum Platers Shoreham Hotel
28" long. one is bent.
75Lot Glass Bottles Hires Rootbeer, Gwaltney Bucket w/Marbles & Wood Box full of Flatware
all one money
76two toasters, shoe stretchers, wood fruit & misc glass
all one money
775 Lamps, Table Top & Clip On
4 table top & one clip on. largest 22"
77A8 Foot Table Wood Top
8 feet x 30" . Table only (not items on it).
78Picnic & Hand Baskets, Antique Victor Victrola Turn Table & Faux Greenery
turn table damaged
79Loudoun County Pedastal Cast Iron Piece for Fence, Wood Stirrups
Cast iron fence piece from the Loudoun County Courthouse repairs that occurred many decades ago. Was purchased in Billy Moores Estate Auction, and the repairs were made at the time by Lee Moore, Billy
79AMolsen Beer Box w/Shot Gun Shells Western Federal 20 Gauge Remington
all one money
80Cast Iron Weksler ThermoMeter & Dartboard Set & Wood Board w/Weight
all one money
81Lot Cookie Cutters, Stoneware Crock & Bowl
Bowl 8" wide. Crock: 5" tall. all one money
81A8 foot Table x 30"
8 feet. wood top
82Milk Filters, Stuffed Santa, Table Cloth, Metal Tins & Pepsi Crate
all one money
83Convection Oven & Glass Light Cover & Misc
Oven looks to be in good shape
84Halloween Decorations & Wood Crib
Wood Crib w/ Wheels measures 17 x 24. Has damage.
85Metal Fall Out Shelter Sign & 1984 VA License Plate
both one money
86Lantern Icicle Lights & Christmas Lights
all one money
87Southern Living Plate, Rack, Potomac River Map & Washington Harbor Map
rack 33" long.
882 Wood Stock Canes & Wicker Broom
one money. 39" long.
892 Electric Irons
One GE.   
90Universal Coffee Mill Metal
Hand Crank.
91Antique Metal Lamp Stove FLORENCE
9.5" tall.
92Columbia Family Scale
8.5" tall.
93Sword 20th Century Bayonet
22" long. has rust. blade length 17".
94Two Hand Irons, Diamond w/Fuel Chamber
one electric. two times the money
951930s Electric Iron & 1950s Monarch
two times the money
96Sad Iron w/Trivet
has rust. 8" long
97Enterprise Sad Iron w/Trivet & Cast Iron #5
two times money. 7" long.
982 Sad Irons Asbestos & Sensible No Handles
two times money. largest 7"
993 Cast Iron Sad Irons 1 Asbestos No Handles
3 times money 6" longest
1002 Antique Electric Irons
1 is L&H Electric & 1 is STEEM Electric Model 425, 2 times the money
101Woods Batwing Rotary Mower
This is missing one gang — one of the wings is missing. It does run.
102New Holland Disc. #617, 9 foot
Has a bad gear box.
1031964 John Deere 3020 Tractor
Sn. T65719. Starts and Runs. Sync Range. Hours showing are not correct.
104AJohn Deere 310SG Turbo Backhoe
SEE VIDEO - Starts, Runs, Drives and Lifts. 4x4. Extendahoe. 4698 hours. Has a 36” Bucket, 18” Bucket and 24” Bucket for backhoe.
1051966 John Deere 4020 Tractor with #158 Loader
Starts and Runs. Sync Range. Sn. T213R143528R. Has a Windbreaker type cab. Has 2 hydraulic leaks.
104New Holland 880 Round Baler
Chain drive. Mr. Legard is the original owner.
1061926 Rumely Oil Pull Model R 25/45 Tractor
Lightweight. Serial Number #550. Draw bar is 25 HP. Belt pulley 45 HP. Last run in September 2022.
1071919 Moline Universal tractor
Built by Moline Plow Company. Was last run in 2017. Rotor button is missing, 1928 Chevy distributor cap will fit. Sn. 20030.
1081962 International 504 Tractor, has a bad clutch
Needs a housing for the throw out bearing. It is currently in 2 pieces.
109Reading Crane Hoist
Hoist just removed from shop.  It was being used.
110Yale Spur Geared Block Crane
Just removed from shop.  It was being used.
111Kwik Way Sand Blaster
Model 276, Serial #2636, it was tested and it worked.  Measures 59" tall x 48" wide x 30.5" deep.
112Power Take Off 15000 Watt Surge Generator on Wheels
Runs and operates.
113Shop Press
It works.  Measures 6' tall x 21" wide.
114Craftsman 8.5HP Chipper/Shredder
Motor has compression but has been sitting.
115Craftsman Rear Tine Roto Tiller, 5HP Motor
Has good compression but it has been sitting 6 years.
116T&P Air Operated Sand Blaster
Runs and operates.  Stands 34" tall.
117Fairbanks Morris Scale
Has rust, unknown if complete, measures 67" long.
118ShopCraft Drill Press
Shop press does work, model T7001/20P, stands 66" tall.
119Job Smart Parts Washer on Wheels
Measures 35" tall x 40" wide x 22" deep.
120Pair of Metal Jack Stands, 6 Tug Heavy Duty
Stands 16" tall
121Pallet Lot - Hydraulic Cylinders, Oil Can
All for one money.
Measures 10" tall x 23" wide.
123Portable Electric Air Compressor
Runs and operates.
124Marquette Electric Welder w/ Leaves, 285 Amp, AC Arc Welder
Runs and operates.
125Yale Geared Block Pulley
1.5 Ton
1263 8' Pipe Gates
3 times the money, 49" tall.
1275 Pipe Gates
4 measure 10' gates, 1 8' gate.  Good condition.  All 49" tall.  5 times the money.
12810 Aluminum Gates
All for one money, 12' long & 14' long.  53" tall.
1298 Misc Gates, Aluminum and Pipe
All for one money, some have rust, some bent.
1308 Wire Fence Panels
All for one money, 54" tall, some have rust.
1311944 Farmall B Tractor w/Woods 60” mower
Starts, runs and mows.
1321927 Farmall Regular with Dillinger Saw, Lancaster, Penn.
Starts, but will not stay running. The seller says the float is bad in the carb.
1331982 Chevrolet S10 Pick up
4x4. As Is. Will not start. Automatic. Mileage Exempt for the Year.
1342003 Buick Rendezvous SUV
Mileage 235,505. Starts, Runs and Drives. Inspected until June 2023.
1351994 Honda Accord
Automatic. Needs tires to pass inspection. Starts Runs and Drives.
1361983 Ford F250 4WD
Does run, needs battery.
13716' Aluminum Gate
has some rust.
1382 Pipe Gates, 16' & 14'
14' gate has some bends in it.
1393 12' pipe gates
3 times the money.  good condition.
140Mixture of Wood Boards, Oak, Poplar, Pine
Various sizes
141Stack of Short Lumber
2 x 4's, and other misc.  See pictures.  All for one money.
142(5) 4 x 4's
Some appear treated.
142AWalnut Lumber
7 pieces - largest piece is 11' long x 10" wide
143Walnut Lumber
2 boards measure 51" long x 18" wide, other boards measure 8' long x 7.5" wide.
144Stack of Lumber
Mixture of woods, some 8', 10', & 12', some boards are split
1452 piles of misc lumber
some damaged, some 12', other various lengths.  all for one money.
1462 Stacks of Lumber
Misc lengths and sizes, all for one money.  Lumber is dirty and some is cracked.  Has been sitting for a while.
1472 Stacks of Lumber
Misc lengths and sizes.  9', 6', etc.  All for one money.
148Multiple large stacks of lumber
see pictures for details, all for one money.
1493 Piles of Misc Lumber
Barn beams, 4x 4's, 2 x 10's, etc.  See pictures.  All for one money.
1503 Stacks of Misc Lumber, 1 Stack of Misc Plywood
See pictures for description, all for one money.
151All lumber in both sides of corn crib
See pictures for description, all for one money.
152Matco Toolbox 7 Drawer & 3 Drawer Sections
4 feet x 26.5" x 19" deep.
152aCentaur Tractor
Sn.-738477, does not run
152BMetal Equipment Tags
Craftsman, Caterpillar, David Bradley, McCormick Deering, AB Farquhar Co.
153Burlap Bags in Good Condition
Peanuts, Southern States, Wayne Feed Bags.
154Montgomery Ward 3/8" Electric Drill, Black & Decker Sander, Craftsman Disc Sander
3 times the money, all work.
155Makita Wire Wheel Grinder 4" disc with case, 2 Honing Attachments, C Clamp
All for one money. 
156Pro Tech Contractor Series 14" Cutoff Saw
Runs and operates.
15713 Combination Wrenches
Mostly Craftsman. Various sizes.
15811 Combination Wrenches
Continental, Craftsman.
1593 Crescent Wrenches, Hex Wrenches, Misc Drill Bits
All for one money.
160Craftsman 3/4 Drive Socket Set with Brand New Ratchet & International 3/4" Breaker Bar
Plus misc 3/4" sockets.  All for one money.
161Black & Decker 7 1/4 Circular Saw, Rockwell Mitre Box
Both run and operate.
1623/4" Drive, 1/2" Drive, 3/8" Drive Air Impact Guns
1 Craftsman, 2 Matco's, all run and operate.
163Box of Belting Webs, Electrical Parts New in Box, 2 Old Tractor Lenses
Electrical parts are John Deere & Tru-Tech.  All for one money.
164Metal Tool Box, 1953 & 1951 VA License Plates, Lovettsville License Plate &
International harvester tool box top, John Deere top seat back cushion.  All for one money.
1653 tubs of misc old parts, magneto's, misc john deere parts, compression tester, other items
All for one money.
166Hand Tools
Shovels, axes, sledge hammers, etc.
16713 C Clamps, Misc Sizes
6", 4" and smaller.  all for one money.
1682 Skil Saws Craftsman & Skil, 2 Metal Vices
all for one money.
169Box of Misc Tire Tubes
1100 x 15, 400 x 8, 600 x 16, 600 x 15.  All for one money.
1703 International Harvestor Hub Caps, Box of Misc Keys
All for one money.
1716 Amp Battery Charger, Muffler Clamps, Other Misc Clamps, Sockets, Screw Drivers
All for one money
172Target Cut Off Saw, Black & Decker Sander/Grinder, Black & Decker Sabre Saw
All operate, all for one money.
173Multi Purpose 5" Vice
In good condition, does work.
174Alternator, Air Tank Hose, Universal Joints, Old Car Mirror
All for one money.
175Gold Painted Trivet and 1 Antique Iron, 1 Gas Antique Iron
2 times the money
176Diamond Self Heating Iron
Akron Lamp and Mfg Co
177GE Electric Iron & Duke-Muller Electric Iron
2 times the money
178Koenig Gas Iron with Trivet
Includes Trivet
179Late 1800's Cast Iron Sad Iron
Appears in good condition
1802 Sad Irons
1 is a Dover #2, 2 times the money, both have surface rust
1813 Sad Irons
Potts Size 1, #50 Size 2, 3 times the money, all have surface rust
182Williams Co Late 1800's Sad Iron & Cole Brookdale Iron, Sad Iron
3 times the money
183Cast Iron Sad Iron & Antique Iron Pieces
2 times the money, both have surface rust
1842 Sad Irons
1 is gutted, 2 times the money
185Late 1800's Cast Iron Sad Iron
Has some surface rust
186Stainless Steel Sad Iron & Cast Iron Sad Iron
2 times the money, some surface rust on the steel iron
187Potts Size 2 Iron & Asbestos 72B Sad Iron
2 times the money, both have trivets
188Asbestos Sad Iron & Cast Iron and Steel Iron
Neither have handles, 2 times the money
189Cole Brookdale Sad Iron & Size 2 Iron
Neither have handles, 2 times the money
190Brass Sad Iron & Cole Brookdale Sad Iron
Both have handles, Cole Brookdale has some surface rust, 2 times the money
1912 Stainless Steel & Cast Iron Sad Irons
2 times the money, both have surface rust
1922 Cast Iron Sad Irons
NRS & Co Sensible, & a Solid Cast Iron, 2 times the money, both have surface rust
193NRS & Co Sensible Iron with Heart Trivet
2 times the money
194The Monitor Antique Iron
Has surface rust
195NRS & Co Sensible #6 Sad Iron
In good condition but does have some surface rust
196Pair of Blue Enameled Gas Irons
1 missing a handle, has some surface rust
1972 The Monitor Gas Irons
Both have surface rust, 2 times the money
198Imperial Self Heating Flat Iron with Primer
Has some surface rust
1992 The Monitor Gas Irons
2 times the money, both have surface rust
200Coleman Iron with Fuel Chamber, Circa 1930 & The Diamond Gas Iron
2 times the money, both have surface rust, Coleman in really good shape
201Comfort Self Heating Iron & Stainless Steel Iron
Includes fuel measure for self heating iron, 2 times the money
202Antique Self Heating Iron
No makers mark, has some surface rust
203Oil Lamps, South Western Pottery, Various Ceramics and Glass Wear
All for one money
204Palm Tree on Canvas, Mirror, & House Ariel Photo
Palm is 24" t x 15" w
205Candels & Party Lights
Various sizes, all for one money
206Bad Mitton Racket, Rope, & Rubber Horse Shoes
All for one money
207Clear Flower Embossed Plates, Bowls, Cups
All for one money, largest platter is 14" wide
208Glass Decanter, Mrs Butterworth's Bottles, Glass Light Fixture Globe
All for one money, glass globe 16" in diameter x 10" tall
209Collection of Indiana Metal Craft & Wild Life Belt Buckles
11 times the money, buffalos, bears, deer, fish, etc.
209ARed Man, NRA, Colt Revolver, Browning, Masonic, Winchester Belt Buckles, etc.
9 times the money
210Victor Coffee Tin, Woodfields Food Tins, Books, Honey Pots, Candle Sconces
All for one money
211Winchester 22 Short, Antique Fruit Crates, Bailing Twine
All for one money
212Percussion Cap Octagonal Barrel, Bolt Action Barrel
Both have rust, octagonal is 33", bolt action is 24", both for one price
213Witmore & Arnold, Purcellville VA International Harvester Thermometer
Has rust, 10" long
214The Farmers Supply & Southern States Thermometers
Souther States is 13" long
215Medicine Cabinet, Lanterns, Homemade Holder
Medicine cabinet is 18" long x 13" wide
216Royal Typewriter, Speaker, Radio, Gaf Anscovision Projector Super 8MM
All for one money
217Leming Bottle & Jug Cutter, US Mint Cents Bag, Lanterns, Rotary Telephone, Electric Meter
All for one money
218Firefighter Plaque, Papillon French Milled Soap, Trophy's, Wall Sconces, Floral Framed Picture
All for one money
219White Teacups & Sauces, Box of Flatware, Cat Votive Holders
All for one money
220Cigar Boxes, Match Holders, Cookbook, Sponge Ware Pitcher
Pitcher is 7" tall, all for one money
221Washburn Amplifier, Box of Scissors, Teapot, Sponge Ware Milk Crock
Condition of amplifier unknown, milk crock is 9" wide, all for one money
2226 Burlap Sacks
All for one money
2238 Burlap Sacks
All for one money
2246 Burlap Sacks
All for one money
225Cow Print, Farm Prints
Largest is 12" x 15"
2264 Tire Thumpers
3 are 30" long, 1 is 22" long, billy clubs from DC
227Kitchen Utensils, Scales, Cast Iron Spool, Cord Holder, 2 Kraut Cutters
Old untensils some red handles, some green, all for one money
228Sausage Stuffer
21" long
229Ice Shaver
7" long
230Coffee Grinder, Wooden Mallet, Wooden Brace with Brass Trim
Brace is 14" long
231Walnut Syrup Mold
11" Long
232Apple Peeler
10" long
233Pipe Puller & Brass Hand Water Pump
Puller 11" long
2342 Thermos's & 1 Gallon Swing Spout Steel Oil Can
All for one money
235Diesel Treatment, Craftsman Torque Wrench, Lanterns, 2 Fence Chargers, Battery Charger
All for one money
236Old Boxes, Popcorn Poppers, Wooden Stirrer
All for one money
237Old Cassette Tape Player, Magazines, Deluxe Plant Display Stand
All for one money
238Misc Cross Cut Saws, Old Furniture Clamp
All for one money, longest cross cut is 6'
2392 Old Wooden Mauls
Both for one money, handmade, 25" long
2402 Hole Corn Sheller with Belt Pulley
Stands 50" tall
241Jamesway Wood Stove
Stands 22" tall x 21" wide
242Seed Cleaner Base, Horn Seeder, Wooden Tool Box
All for one money
243Servel Electrolux Kerosene Refrigerator
Has some rust, 63" tall x 30" wide x 29" deep
244Box of Seed Cleaning Pieces, Hames, Singles Trees, Wagon Parts
All for one money
245Old Washing Machine
Has electric motor, double wooden wash tubs, condition unknown
246Pallet Lot of Electrical Fixtures, Attachments
All for one money
247Pallet lot - 2 well jack pullers, pipe vice, plumbing accessories
All for one money
248Lionel #456 Coal Ramp Set with Hopper Car
Unknown if ramp complete, ramp measures 35" long
249Lionel Freight Station
Measures 15" long
250Lionel O-Gauge Locomotive & Coal Car
Engine measures 11" long, 2 times the money
251Lionel O Gauge Box Car, Lionel Caboose
2 times the money, longest one measures 8.5" long
252Lionel Sunoco O Gauge Tank Car, Lionel New York Central Gondola Car
2 times the money, longest measures 9.5" long
253(2) Lionel Cars, Coal Car & Lionel Flat Car
2 times the money, measure 9" long
254Box Lot - Transformer, Coal Loader, Track Pieces, & Misc Train Stuff, Train Board with Track
Coal loader not complete, 4' x 8' train board not complete, all for one money
255Seed Cleaner made in Winchester, VA
Measures 51" tall x 69" long x 42" wide, feet show water damage
256Seed Cleaner
Measures 47" tall x 5' long x 34" wide, no makers mark found
257James Bull Lead
Measures 5' long, does work
258Letter Branding Irons
Letters S, I, O, & L, Measure 3' long, 4 times the money
259Number Branding Irons
Numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6, measure 3' long, 5 times the money
260Dodge Engine Panel Cover & Dodge Hub Cab
Engine panel cover measures 43.5" long x 2' wide
261Ladies Side Saddle
Has damage, saddle will need reconditioned
262Metal Massey Ferguson World Famous Farm Equipment Sign
Has some rust and nail holes, measures 39.5" long x 20" wide
262AGulfpride Motor Oil Sign
One sided.
262BBicentennial Chair, needs repair
marked "1776".
263Massey Harris Center Plate
Plate has been broken in half and re-welded, measures 21" long x 5" wide
264English Saddle with Stirrups
Very dirty, does have damage
26515" Western Saddle with Bridle
Very dirty, needs to be cleaned, padding underneath needs replaced
2662 English Saddles
Both need reconditioning, both are damaged, one only has one stirrup
267Minneapolis Moline Tractor Medallion & Filter & Advance Rumely Metal Plate
Medallion measures 20" long, metal plate measures 30" long
267AVintage Auto Lune Cans, Esso oil, Alemite Lubricant, Peak Anti Freeze
All for one price, and they do have some rust.
268Wooden Pull Type Wagon
Wooden Wheels with Metal Bands, measures 25" tall x 39" long x 26" wide, overall good condition, missing back gate
269Rock Creek Beverage Display Holder
Measures 53" tall x 27" wide x 20.5" deep, has some rust
270McClellan Saddle, No Stirrups
Very dirty, 12 inch seat, needs good cleaning
271McClellan Saddle, No Stirrups
In good condition, 12 inch seat
272Belt Lacing Tool & Box of Misc Belt Lacing Hooks
Lace appears to be in operating condition
273Horse Drawn Cart
53" tall x 72" long x 5' wide, one wheel needs work done
274Six Passenger Horse Wagoneer, Voitures Robert and Fils
Made in Quebec Canada. Single horse drawn Wagoneer. Includes a set of harness. This is in excellent condition.
275One Horse Cart
In good condition.
276Black & Decker Sabre Saw, Angle Grinder, Oil Filter Wrench, Misc Scissors & Knives
All for one money.
27724 Volt Starter, Generator
Both operate, both for one money.
278Chain Wrench, Bolt Cutters, Misc Clevises
chain wrench measures 29" long, all for one money.
2792 Crow Bars, Ball Peen Hammer, Tire Hammer, Flooring Hammer
Longest crow bar measures 30" long.  All for one money.
280Wooden Pulley, Baling Twine, 1/2" Electric Drill
All for one money.
281Box of sanding discs, quick grip bar clamps, 2 4' aluminum levels
all for one moey
282Clevises & Hitch Pins, Misc Wrenches, Wedges
All for one money.
283Matco Rubber Mallet, Misc Wrenches, Tin Snips
Combination & pipe wrenches.  All for one money.
284Push Type Grass Seed Thrower
Seed boxes measure 14' long
285Black Truck Tarp
16' wide, length unknown, tarp has some tears in it.
2864 Clevises, 3 Pipe Wrenches
All for one money.
2873 Pipe Wrenches, Pipe Cutter, 2 Threader Tools
All for one money.
2882 C Clamps, 4 Ball Peen Hammers, & 1 Hatchet
All for one money.
289Box of old wrenches, adapters, screw drivers, other misc items
all for one money
2905 containers of misc drill bits
all for one money
291Black & Decker drill bit sharpener, 2 containers of misc drill bits
all for one money
292Misc metal files
all for one money
293Misc drill bits, aluminum nails, butcher knife, homemade knife
butcher knife has some rust.  all for one money.
294Coarse screws, tubeless tire repair kit, gate locks, grinding wheel, misc keys, other items
all for one money.
2953 C Clamps, homemade wrenches, wood bits, set of dehorners
all for one money
296Wooden Tool box, light stick, copper braising rod, sharpening stones, Dodge emblem
All for one money.  Dodge emblem measures 19" long.
2974 tooth 8" steel weed blade, homemade scoop, old wooden box
box measures 10" x 17", all for one money
2986 Pullers
All for one money.  One marked OWATONWA, one marked Craftsman.
299Group of Pullers
Many made by OIT, all for one money
300Welding Helmet, welding rods, rosin core, respirator, other items
all or one money.
301Buffalo Air Hammer, Delco Jitterbug Sander
All for one money.
302Michigan Air Hammer, Universal Tool Orbital Sander, Campbell Hausfeld Air Cutoff Tool
Run and operate, all for one money.
303RPM in Hundreds Gauge
Good condition
304Pump made to remove calcium chloride from tractor tires
owner says it works.
304ACentral Pneumatic Saw, Air ratchets, Tools
All one price.
304b(2) 3/8th Drive Impact Guns, Air drill
All one price.
304CGuildord Threading Set, Misc Tools in Crate
Al one price.
304DBrass punches, Bearing tools, Meter
All one price.
304EDrill bits, Pliers, Pullers
All for one price.
304FRethreaders, Misc. 1/4 in sockets, Screw drivers
All for one price.
304GTorque wrench with extension, Vice grips, Wrenches
All for one price.
304HBox of wrenches and chisels, Wood augers, Torche wrenches
All one price e.
305Foot Locker & Contents & Cart on wheels
locker measures 60.5" tall x 12" wide x 12" deep. stand on wheels measures 43" tall x 31" wide.  
305Adrill bits, box lot of tools, camping folding knife, powder, horn, cornhusking glove, and leather strap
All for one price.
306Pallet Lot Hand Tools Radiator Clamps
pittman rods, hack-saws, two picks.  all one money
307Pallet of Tools Fence Stretchers Bolt Cutters Large Chisels & 2 Tire Irons
all one money
308Grinding Wheel on Cement Base
Owner says it works. Measures 44" tall.
3093 Welding Helmets & Century Wire Feed Welder
welder works. one money
310Engine Hoist on Wheels
works. measures 65" tall x 78" long.
311International Harvester Pull Type Steel Grain Binder
7' cutting head, is missing seat and canvases.  Untested.
Condition unknown.
312Pull Type Lime Spreader
10' wide, has flat tires and a lot of rust.  Maker unknown.
313Pull Type Lime Spreader on Steel Wheels
8' wide, has a lot of rust.
313ASteels wheels
Six total
313BPair of Axles, likely from a busker shredder/thrasher
Both one price
313CSteel Wheels on National Brand Axle, August 27, 1899
As is.
313DCase Wheels and Axles, from husker/thrasher
Both for one price.
314New Holland Silage Blower on Steel Wheels with Belt Pulley
Has considerable rust and has been sitting a while.
314AOntario Drill Co. Grain Drill
Wooden box
3752 Baby Bassinets, Hanging Fluorescent Lights, Marble Pieces, 2 Pairs of Emasculators, Other Misc
Wall lot, All for one money
376Hand Tool Lot
Rakes, Pitch Fork, reflective driveway markers, other misc, all for one money
377Pond Scoop, Half Round Wooden Frames
All for one money
378Wooden Spike Tooth Harrow, Buggy Shafts, Misc Broom Heads
All for one money
379Pallet Lot - Electrical Tools
Mikita cutoff saw, Craftsman cutoff saw, misc drills, etc. tools untested.
3802 Pallet Lot - Misc nuts, screws, bolts, air filters, oil filters, other misc
All for one money
381Pallet Lot - 8 Organizers
Organizers contain misc screws, nuts, brass fittings, etc.  All for one money
382Pallet Lot - 4 Organizers
Organizers contain misc screws, nuts, etc.  All for one money.
383Misc American wire stretchers, old roll of barbed wire, little red wagon, misc old hand tools
tamping bars, metal spreaders, Harvestor sign,  all for one money
3843 Pallet Lots - Misc Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Water Cooler, Files, Shopping Cart, Shop Vac
All for one money
385Pallet Lot - Misc Gas Can Tops, Misc Paint, Staples, 4 Wheel Display Cart, Cart
4 Wheel Display Cart measures 43" tall x 21" wide x 24" deep, all for one money
386Pallet Lot - Misc old wrenches, misc tool and tackle boxes, garden tractor wheels, tractor seat
Pipe wrenches, John Deere wrenches, all for one money 
387Pallet Lot - Large wrenches, leather vice
Largest wrench measures 4' long, all for one money
3882 Pallet Lot - 2 Hay Forks, Trolley Wheel, Lead Dipper Pots, Metal Tongs
Largest tong measures 44" long, all for one money.
389Fire Place Lot - Tools, Screen, Stove Base, Bellows
All for one money
3905 Metal Horse Muzzles, Log Chain with Carry Hook, Black Poly Truck Tool Box w/Misc Staples & Screws
Also, part of a stilyard scale.  Tool box measures 5' wide.  All for one money.
391Craftsman 9" table saw, old rope, metal water can, 2 hoses, scoop shovel, 2 2-prong pitch forks
All for one money, table saw untested
392Ironrite Model 88 Ironer (Linen Press)
Untested, measures 37" tall x 32" wide x 21" deep.
393Singer Treadle Sewing Machine, Hand Powered Wooden Tub Washing Machine
Very dusty/dirty, washing machine stands 45" tall x 30" wide, all for one money
3942 wooden saw horses, horse bit, curry combs, pallet of binder canvases
All for one money
395Pallet Lot - baling twine, misc pots & pans, strainer, pallet of plastic outdoor patio chairs
Plus a pallet of bushel baskets, hose winder, hand operated drill press
3965 Pallets of Misc Horse Items - Collars, Saddle Parts, Misc Horse Harnesses, Other
All for one money
3973 Wooden Saw Horses, 24' Extension Ladder, Misc Gate Hinges, Bolt Cutters
Plus (2) 55 gallon trash cans, half of a paper cutter, all for one money.
3984 Wooden Chicken Coops
12" tall x 3' long x 2' wide, all for one money
3992 Pallet Lot - single trees, wagon bolsters, wagon end gate, etc.
all for one money
4004 Wooden Chicken Coops
measures 12" tall x 3' long x 2' wide, couple are tied together with baling twine, all for one money.
4012 Wooden Chicken Coops & a Dome Top Trunk
Trunk measures 2' tall x 33" wide x 21" deep, all for one money
402Pallet Lot - 2 Have a Heart Traps, wash board, watering can, bread box, Unico duster
plus an enamel cart on wheels which measures 30" tall x 23" wide x 17" deep, all for one money.
403Pallet Lot - Squirrel cage fan, enamel coffee pot, underwood typewriter, wagner wear muffin tin,
2 aluminum tins, steamer trunk with bird damage, another pallet with david white measuring instrument, wizard laser mark, tri pod, grade stick.  All for one money.
404Pallet of bow and arrows, fishing poles, minnow buckets, tackle boxes, fish cleaning board
All for one money
405Pallet Lot - parts for 2 hand drill presses
parts are damaged, all for one money
406Pallet Lot - 3 Weed Eaters, Electric Chain Saw, Homelite Gas Chain Saw
Echo, Toro, & Weed Eater brands for weed eaters.  All for one money.
407Pallet of Misc Pots and Pans & 6' Wooden Step Ladder
All for one money
4082 Pallet Lot - Misc Hand Sprayers, Ensilage Fork, Wooden Boxes, Metal Tool Box, Old Belting
All for one money
409Cutting Torch Cart with Bottles, Regulator & Cutting Torch Head, Clips Mower with No Motor
Plus horse drawn cultivator & 15' log chain.  All for one money.
4102 Pallet Lot - Organizer, 2 Organizer Stands, Organizer Boxes
Stands measure 57" tall x 20" wide x 13" deep, boxes contain terminals, screws, pins, nut, bolts, etc.  All for one money.
411Pallet Lot - 5 Metal Organizers, 1 Plastic Organizer
Contain hooks, screws, nuts, bolts, etc.  All for one money.
4122 Pallet Lot - Misc Mason Jars
Quarts and pints, jars have been used.  All for one money.
4134 Pallet Lot - Misc Hardware, Nuts, Bolts, Wood Boxes, Metal Pulleys, Metal Clamps, Other
All for one money.
4145 Pallet Lot - Misc Hardware, Nuts, Bolts, Lug Nuts, 2 Wooden Gun Racks, 2 Fans
Nails, old filters, other.  All for one money.
4152 Pallet Lot - Misc Old Wrenches and Tools
2 times the money, includes saw sets, plug wrenches, plow wrenches, and other misc farm wrenches.
416Wooden Record Stand & Dome Top Trunk with Tray
record stand has some chips on top, measures 37" tall x 20" wide x 14" deep.  Trunk measures 18" tall x 30" wide x 16" deep.
4174 Legged Wooden Bench & 4 Wooden Gambling Sticks
stand measures 2' tall x 43" wide x 9" deep.
4182 Kids Chairs, 1 Wooden Office Chair, 3 Misc Chairs, Wooden Cabinet with Shelf, Metal Locker
Office chair measures 3' tall.  Locker measures 38" tall x 10" wide x 22" deep.  All for one money.
419Metal 3 Drawer File Cabinet, 2 Drawer Wooden Desk End, 2 Drawer Wooden File Cabinet, Plus
2 small folding craft tables.  All have damage.  All for one money.  Wooden file cabinet measures 30" tall x 19" deep x 16" wide.
420Wooden Radiator Cover, Pressboard Coffee Table, Lamp Stand, Easel, 2 Metal 2 drawer file cabinets
And a trunk.  Radiator cover measures 21" tall x 64" wide x 19" deep.  Lamp stand is 58" tall.  Easel has board and cover.
4213 Drawer Marble Top Stand, Hutch Top, White Amoir, Misc Books, Cassette Tapes, plus
Souther Living cookbooks, Southern Planter magazines, 4 old suit cases, show box, Steem show directories, 2 Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs, Halloween decorations, encyclopedias, etc.  All for one money.
422Steamer Trunk, 2 Over 3 drawer chest, Metal Queen Bed
Chest missing pulls, top has damage and measures 44" tall x 43" wide x 21.5" deep, steamer trunk has some rust and stands 41" tall.  All for one money.
423Globe Pidgeon Hole Cabinet with Roller Door
Cabinet has discoloration on top and sides, measures 3' tall x 21" wide x 14" deep. 
424Baby Stroller, Adding Machines, Candy Tins, Old Record Player, Old Metal Rocking Chair
Chair measures 33" tall x 23" wide x 18" deep, all for one money.
425Metal Bolt Bin with Washers, Bolts, & Nuts
Measures 54" tall x 35.5" wide x 12" deep
426Pallet Lot - Tonka Truck , Zepco Fishing Reel, Misc RC, Tab & Coke Bottles, Enamel Chamber Pot
All for one money
4273 Pallet Lot - Misc Magazines & Comics
Farm Show, Furrow, McCalls, Playboy, Mechanics Illustrated, Wheels of Time, Old comics.  All for one money.
428Pallet Lot - 3 Homelite Chain Saws, Stihl Chain Saw, Electric Hedge Trimmer, Wen Electric Chain Saw
All untested.  All for one money.
429Drum Set, Pallet of Ice Skates and Roller Skates, 2 Bed Frames
All for one money, drum set is damaged.
430Twin Power 101 Tractor Hood, Tractor Seat Base, Chevy Hub Cap, Carburetor, Internat'l Corn Seed Box
and some oil filters.  All for one money.
4312 Pallet Lot - Shovels, Ensilage Fork, Wooden Crutches, Single Tree, Door Locks & Knobs, Ice Picks
Plus old outdoor lights, and a Simplex time clock.  All for one money.
432Pallet with John Deere sign, plastic Esso sign, Southern State Fencer, Gallagher Solar Fence Charger
Plus auto light spark plug sign, sterling fence sign, & 2 John Deere model A advertising signs.  All for one money.
4333 Pallet Lot - 1st pallet with Hand Tools - Pitch Forks, Sledge Hammers, Thinning Sticks
Pallet 2 - 2 white mountain ice cream freezers, blue mason jars, enamel coffee pot, vegetable slicer, graters, old toaster.  3rd pallet, tractor seat, tire chains, motor parts.  All for one money.
434Pallet with Artifical Christmas Tree, Air Conditioner, Electric Heaters
Unknown if Christmas tree complete.  All for one money.
4355 Old Bicycles
2 Schwinn, 1 Huffy, 2 unmarked.  All have rust, have been sitting for a while.  All for one money.
4366 Old Bicycles
Murray, Huffy, Dunelt, Sears.  Bikes have been sitting and show rust.  Some handle bars damaged. All for one money.
437Nikken Water System (2 boxes), 4 Amway Storage Boxes
All for one money.
4383 Porch Rockers & 1 Porch Straight Chair
Cane is damaged, chairs need cleaning.  42" tall x 28" wide x 17" deep.  All about the same size.  All for one money.
439Pallet Lot - 2 Sets of Water Skies, 2 Small Paddles, Boat Ladder
Tahoe & Mini Fireball.  Largest Skies are 6' long.  All for one money.
4402 Pallet Lot - Wooden folding chairs, metal pulleys, 4 hay forks, hay trolley wheel, buggy shafts
All for one money.
4412 Pallet Lot - kerosene pump from Philomont Store, hand operated drill press
Plus electric fencing material, long handled shovel, grain scoop.  Kerosene


The credit card that you use at registration will have a credit check performed for $49 which will show up as a pending charge from Damewood Auctioneers, LLC (Auctioneer) and will drop off after several days. Auctioneer does not hold or keep this money.

Removal & Payment

Pay and Pick-Up at 14758 Berlin Turnpike, Hillsboro, VA 20132 on Auction Day until 5PM, and Sunday, May 7, 2023 from 9AM-1PM. Payment is due within 24 hours of purchase unless prior approval has been given by Auctioneer. Payment can be made through your emailed invoice via credit card, and on-site buyers must pay on the day of the auction before leaving. Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse credit card payments on items with a DMV Title, and Auctioneer may require Buyer present proof of funds or perform a wire transfer on transactions $5,000 or greater. Wire transfers must be initiated on Monday after the auction by 5PM. Buyers must bring their own help, straps, chains or pallets to remove their purchases. A skid loader operator will be on-site to assist with heavy items. AUCTIONEER AND SELLER ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO ASSIST BUYERS IN MOVING THEIR PURCHASES BY HAND. Buyers assume all responsibility to any damage made to the property during removal. All items sold LIVE ON-SITE AND IN-PERSON to on-site bidders become the immediate property and responsibility of the buyer when Auctioneer declares the lot sold.

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Preview this auction inventory on Friday, May 5, 2023 from 9AM to 5PM. Call 703.303.4760, 540.454.2326 or 703.303.4760 with any questions.

Buyer’s Premium & Fees

All Buyers will be assessed an 13% Buyer's Premium, 3% discount for all cash and check purchases, not to exceed $2,500 per one lot. All purchases will be assessed a 6% Virginia State Sales Tax unless Buyer presents Auctioneer with a valid sales tax exemption at the time of payment (titled units will not have tax collected). All sales are final with no returns, exchanges, or refunds of any kind. By paying Auctioneer with a credit card, Buyers waive their right to issue a charge-back against Auctioneer.

All Bids Are Final

All bids recognized by the Auctioneer, the Auctioneers bidding app, and 3rd Party Online Bidding Platforms are final and constitute a binding contract to purchase between the buyer and the seller. Auctioneer will not remove bids on behalf of bidders. Make sure you are bidding on the item you intend to bid on before pressing the bid button.

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